Post #1: Introducing your Blog

Due by 4:00 p.m. on January 27

You were previously given an in-class tutorial on how to create a Longwood blog. Now is the time to make your first blog post! The main purpose of your first post is to clarify the rhetorical situation of your blog for readers who might stumble upon it. For example, why does your blog exist? The elements of a rhetorical situation include the following: writer, purpose, message/topic/subject matter/content, audience, context.

-Who is the writer/blogger (e.g., brief info about you)?

-What is the purpose of your blog (include the course information but you may also include a purpose of your own)?

-What will the writer be writing about on this blog (subject matter/content)?

-Who is your intended audience (write one or two sentences about who might make use of this blog or would like to check it out, etc)?

-What is the context of this blog (you can think about the classroom and beyond)?

In your response to some of these questions, you will want to mention our Rhetorical Criticism course. Hence, it is also appropriate to give some information about your major/specializations, reasons for taking the class, any past rhetoric/writing classes you have taken, etc.

Be flexible and use your creativity while making sure you address all writing prompts in detail. Please make all your postings more visually appealing with media (images, video, etc); cite your images and try to use ones that are in the public domain (not copyrighted), but you should be fine sharing any YouTube videos. You may also create your own images (take photos, etc) and add them to your blog, too.

(Sources for high-quality free images include, Wikimedia Commons, etc.)

Plato and Aristotle in Raphael’s The School of Athens (1509-1511)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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