The dilemma about Ethical Dilemmas

What are Ethical Dilemmas? Well first off ethical dilemmas are situations in which involve moral struggles and refections, in an effort to do the right thing. Essentially balancing the decision between 2 right ways that are morally defensible situations where there is no “correct” answer. For this entry I will be identifying an ethical dilemma that a lot of student athletes face nowadays while being recruited in a way. Later I will analyze this ethical dilemma by using the SAD model, which is represented as 1) make a decision 2) defend decision 3) base it on moral theory. Student athletes nowadays face the problem of the dreded social media and the constant monitoring from the coaches or universities. Whether you post something about a upcoming game, event involving your sports team or a fun night out on the weekend. But right there is the problem. Student athletes nowadays are constantly being monitored on social media in what they do ,how they do things and how they act on the weekend and percieve themselves as being a part of “said” program. The decison to have social media is a big thing especially with student atheltes because you could post something on instagram or snapchat, that could possibly ruin your atheltic career in that program. You have to make the decison of first off, whether you want social media and if its really necessary to be involved in it. Second you have to make the decision of do i post this on social media so everyone could see. Meaning it could be something funny or “acceptable” in a way but “unacceptable” according to your teams/universitys standards. I’m defending the my decision or “side” of this ethical dilemma that says yes to having social media as a student athlete. Negative things can happen on social media even if you’re not a student athelte and representing a sports team. You can post something on social media that could potentially kick you out of the university because of that decison you took to even post it to begin with. The coaches of the particular sports teams also have descretion on whether they want them to have social media in certain cases. With this coming into play you really have to take the decision based on a teleogical ethic theory. Which describes that whether the decision is wrong or right depends on the outcome and who is benefits and who it harms. If the coaches put a emphasis on social media and to sensor the things you put on it, and you go out and put a picture of you partying before the game, you took the decision, it hurts you and your team. This ethical dilemma is faced constantly all around the world with student atheletes and many others as well. Overall think about this, do you think it’s ethical for coaches in universities to monitor the student athletes social media?