Civility in Social Media

Social media has become immensely popular these days, especially within the younger age groups. There can be a lot of rude posts that are circulated through social media or even comments on said posts that spur arguments online. However, with all this negativity, social media can also be used as a place for positive impact, and to advocate for increased civility.

This could be done through certain people spreading posts that support positivity. There are so many ways to share opinions, through tweeting words of kindness or sharing photos or experiences with your followers that can encourage civil behaviour amongst our society. Since social media is so accessible these days, with certain posts going viral and reaching large audiences, the messages behind these posts can spread into our everyday lives.

Another way civility can be encouraged online is in the comments section of posts. This area of social media, in particular, can be a place for negativity, where people may say rude and hurtful things, as they feel more confident hiding behind a screen rather than saying these things to people face to face. In the comments section, people have the power to salvage situations and intervene as a mediator to prevent the harassment or public shaming that could potentially be going on. This could be done by either calling the people out that are being disrespectful or even going as far as to report them to the authorities of the social media account that it may be on, whether the inappropriate behaviour is taking place on twitter, facebook, or whichever medium it may be displayed on.

My hope is that everyone can be respectful and civil to one another both on and offline. I know this might not be the reality currently, but it is very achievable, and social media is a great place to advocate for this ideal behaviour.