Welcome to the Internship

I have gotten the opportunity to have an internship with the Town of Farmville. With my adviser at the Town works as the Town Planner. At this internship I get the opportunity to do a lot of different things. To start off I get to fill out grant applications as well as different award applications that the Town is trying to receive. I will also be updating the Heart of Your Adventure website which my advisor runs with three other people. Even though these are the main things that I will be doing throughout my time at the internship, I am there to help out with anything that they need and am more than willing to do any task that is given to me.

I feel that I have many skills that I will be able to use multiple times during this internship. To start I feel my communication skills will be helpful such as my phone skills. The reason that this will be a skill that I use will be due to the fact I have to contact people to learn more information about whatever I may be working on during my time at the internship. This skill I have learned through my job as a receptionist and definitely think that it is a skill that will be very handy to have and use. Another skill is going to be work ethic, and making sure everything is done and that I have projects that will be able to get completed.

On the other hand there are skills that I will be able to gain through this process. First off I will learn how to edit websites and make new posts and upload pictures, which is something I don’t know how to do but is something that can be handy in the future. Next I will learn how to write things for an organization. This is a skill that I will be able to use not only in classes and this internship but also in the future when I go out and get a job post-graduation. These are just a few things that I will be learning that I can think of but I am sure that in the future there will be way more things that happen that I never could have thought of ahead of time.

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