This is the best form of contact as well as the best way to see my professional experience.

Urban Gorillas

Urban Gorillas is a company that helps represent talent from models to photographers to content creators. Urban Gorillas creates portfolios for all there talent that they represent. In the following link, you will the portfolio that they created for me.

Instagram & YouTube

On my Instagram, you can see where I display a majority of my photography. This is where I expand my brand name and continue to attempt to grow my freelance career.

On my YouTube, you will see where I display my video freelance work that I have done in my previous four years.

Lancer Central

In this semester of fall 2018, I was given the opportunity to¬†direct a show for Longwood University Athletics called “Lancer Central”. This class is a communication lab, where students work with clients to receive professional experience. My group was given the Longwood University Athletics department¬†have we produced a sports talk show. In this example, you will see our most recent episode.