Hi everyone! My name is Michael Dougherty, and I am a junior Digital Media student at Longwood University. I have been a baseball coach in Northern Virginia for 5 years, working with children ages 5-14 years old. I have had an interest for digital media since I was younger, and I plan to work in a field that would allow me to utilize the skills I have learned at Longwood. I view myself as a person with good communication skills, and I am constantly looking for different ways to improve them even further.

For my ePortfolio, I am hoping to create a platform that effectively displays how English 400 has impacted me and inspired me to become a better citizen. I believe that the information I have learned this semester has allowed me to see from different perspectives  and better understand issues in our society that are not understood by everyone. If some one learns to practice agency and see from new perspectives, then they will be a better citizen.

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