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Clickbait: Why it Must be Stopped Dear Senator Warner,   I am writing today to inform you of a horrible new trend sweeping the Internet. Though we agree that Internet usage should be cost-free once people have access to the World Wide Web, there are still ways to get around free websites: by allowing the […]

CATFISHING: Is That  Really You In The Pictures….?  By Morgan Bentham Catfishing, or portraying yourself online as someone else, is sweeping the internet and social media. With technology use on the rise, people have the world at their fingertips. What people choose to do with this is sometimes frightening. Catfishing is deceptive and hurtful because […]

There are three subcategories that I see when looking at my online identity from the outside in. A clear majority of what I post online is related to my family. My family is quite large, as I have 6 siblings, and we are all very close knit. We tend to take a lot of pictures […]

Hello! I’m Morgan, and I am a Junior at Longwood University, pursuing a major in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Special Education. Helping others is something that I have always found pleasure in, so I enjoy all my major-related classes as they assist me in achieving my goals and solidifying my ideal future. I […]