About me

Longwood University has helped me grow into the leader I am today. All through my childhood, all the way up to high school, I was not very involved. I did not even truly play sports until high school, I was just a shy girl, which would practically pass out every time she had to talk in front of a group and especially in front of a class. Once I got to Longwood I decided to change that. Little by little Longwood has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. From doing so, I feel that I will be more capable to excel as a therapist after graduation.
I first joined Greek life on campus my freshman year. Being the shy girl just breaking out of her shell, I could have never imagined holding a position within my organization. Today I am the vice president of programming and I have also been the activities chairman. Next, I was encouraged to apply to be on conduct board, thinking I would very get it. Today, I have been on conduct board for almost three years and am now a chair member. One of the biggest opportunities on campus that have been my biggest form of personal growth is joining the Longwood ambassadors. I went from almost passing out if having to talk in front of a class, to feeling comfortable.
Being able to talk in front of people and communicate effectively is a very important factor in being a therapist. Past work experience has also helped me communicate effectively. I have been a hostess in a restaurant, which works on communication and people skills. I have also been a camp counselor to children age’s five to twelve and worked in an equine therapy clinic. At the clinic, I worked with many children with special needs, which will be very helpful when it comes to being a therapist. All in all, my past leadership opportunities continue to help me become a worker in the psychology field.