August’s New Books

In order to bring you new and fun recreational reads, the Greenwood Library participates in a book leasing program through McNaughton. These titles are shelved on the small bookcases in the middle of the Atrium and are designated with green labels. You can browse the entire collection here and if you’re interested in what’s new, look out below!

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean VuongSongs of America by Jon Meacham and Tim McGrawThe Darwin Affair by Tim MasonLost and Found by Danielle SteelChances Are... by Richard RussoWhisper Network by Chandler BakerLady in the Lake by Laura LippmanWindow on the Bay by Debbie MacomberBacklash by Brad ThorThe Chain by Adrian McKintyLabyrinth by Catherine CoulterMy Life as a Rat by Joyce Carol Oates

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