2020 Program



Southestern shrew (Sorex longirostris) is a tiny shrew lives in forest floor among leaf litter © Sujan Henkanaththegedara.

Here are some of the planned activities.

  • Guided nature explorations with experts– You will join exploration groups led by one or more local experts to find and identify birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates, and plants in Lancer Park.
  • Identification stations – You will identify difficult species at identification stations set up for difficult taxa including invertebrates, plants and herps. These stations will be equipped with field guides, identification keys, stereo-microscopes, hand lenses etc.
  • “Touch tables”– Trained Longwood students will run tables with live and preserved specimens of local wildlife, and other children activities. This will serve as a public education tool to educate public about local biodiversity.
  • Meet the experts – Representatives from state conservation agencies, local citizen science groups and Longwood student organizations
  • Walk and Learn- Virginia natural history on a map.
  • Scavenger hunt…   and more!