About Me

I would like to pretend that I am particularly interesting but I am really not. I would like to think of my area of expertise is leadership. There is no particular discipline that I feel like I am definitely an expert in but my experience with leadership is top notch. My main mission in life is to lead and leave a good legacy behind me wherever I go.

So far in life, every occupation I have thought about exploring involves me being a leader. From a teacher to working in higher education to being a guidance counselor. That being said, I try to step up in leadership roles as much as possible. I have done so in both organizations and jobs. I’ve become somewhat of a self-proclaimed master of knowing when to follow and when to lead. I love observing and seeing where I can help take lead.

One of my work philosophies is observing before taking lead in any situation. If you aren’t sure about how or why something works the way it does, you aren’t going to be able to take lead and fix any situation the way it should be. I think this is also a major part of finding respect in the work force. Without the respect, no leadership dynamic works successfully.