Data Analysis – Breaking Down Race in Lynchburg, VA

Click the link below to access my charts. The first set of data is on the first sheet. The second set of data is on the second sheet.

This first set of data shows the percentages of races in Lynchburg, Virginia. This information was taken via census in 2016. I chose a pie chart so it would be easy to see which races make up the majority of the population. The data presented encompasses individuals who chose the races presented as their only race and those who selected the given race as one of the races within racial makeup. I find that every time I turn on the news in my area, most of the crime reported seems to be about people from the white and African American community. I wanted to see if the population of Lynchburg matched what was being reported. To me, if there is more of one race in the population of the community, that race should be the most reported on. I do not feel like the crimes reported on the local news channel mirrors what the breakdown of the race makeup is.

The link to the information:

The second set of data reflects the educational attainment by race in Lynchburg, Virginia. This information is from 2016. Using a bar graph shows just how drastically different some of the numbers are. This set of information also includes individuals who are of Hispanic or Latino origin. I became interested in this set of data because of working in the school and working at graduation this past weekend. The information provided includes individuals who have at least some college experience and those who just have a high school degree or equivalent.

The link to the information:

~ by Amber Litchford on June 7, 2018.