Previously I was enrolled in education classes through the teacher preparation program, these classes emerged me into the classroom setting and allowed me to determine that the ideal career path that I thought I wanted to pursue was not indeed where my future lied. Through this extensive coursework and experience within the academic field the future was clear that I would not see myself in the classroom setting. It was through these intensive educational courses that I found a different career path that I quickly became passionate about. These intense, extensive educational courses showed me that if you do not love something, it is not for you. That semester I learned more about myself and learned that the only person who has the power to change the future is … myself. As I began to find myself and find the road I wanted to travel to finish my undergraduate work I began leaning towards leadership tendencies. It was here that I realized my potential in the minor of leadership studies. I enrolled in my leadership studies courses and never looked back. I have intensely taken on this minor to finish within a two semester grace period. These courses allow myself to think critically and in depth on being a leader, what a leader is, leadership styles, and challenge my intellectual abilities in and outside the classroom.  The classes I am studying will transform me into an educated leader with different perspective and insights. Moreover, these courses allow me to examine myself as a leader and where I see my potential leadership abilities in the future. Through these courses I have gained greater insight on who I am and where I see myself. Life does not always go according to plan, but the journey in which each individual takes is leading them to where they are suppose to be. The courses I thought would help me to solidify the fact of being a teacher only made me question my whole future, but this is where I began to see my future in a different perspective. The courses I am in now, which I never imagined I would be taking, allow me to see a clear representation of what I want to do and where I want to be. Although my courses now are relevant to what I want to do, it is only because of my past courses that I can say I am where I need to be. The courses I took, the educational journey I have traveled, have lead me to the relevant courses I am immersed in now.

Relevant Courses Currently Enrolled In

  • Leadership Studies 120
  • Political Science 394
  • Management 362

Previous Courses Enrolled In

  • Education 310
  • Education 361
  • Education 261