My name is Kaylen Karnes. I will graduate in 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in DNA and disease. After graduating, before I begin my professional career, I plan to attend grad school for at least two years, maybe more, in order to obtain my Master’s degree. I came here from Kent Island, Maryland and am a participant of the Cormier Honors College and the Life STEM program. In addition to academics, I am also involved athletically being on the Longwood lacrosse team.

I verbally committed to play lacrosse for Longwood in my sophomore year of high school and ever since my love for Longwood has grown! Once I stepped foot on campus and learned about the tightknit community here, I knew that this was the college for me. Factors that influenced my decision to attend here were the class size ratio, the positive professor evaluations, it being located not too far or close to home, and much, much more!

All the 2023 lacrosse girls on the front lawn of Sharp after passing the ball around.

During my first semester of college, I was enrolled in two science seminar classes: ISCI 100-01 and ISCI 120-01, two honors classes: CTZN 110-50 and BIOL 120-50, and two other required classes: CHEM 111-07, MATH 171-14. The beginning of the semester was a little rocky because I needed to figure out how to manage my time with lacrosse and school. I adjusted quickly due to the D that I received on my first Biology exam, that was definitely a wake-up call. Overall, my grades for the first semester of college will be good. I would like to maintain this standing when I go into the second semester.