Post #1 Introducing your Blog

Hello, my name is James Conner, a photography senior at Longwood University. I have been shooting sports and portrait photography for the last 10 years and am now working on the art side of the media.

The purpose of this blog is to analysis rhetorical tools used in film, pop culture, and multimodal texts that help them convey meaning in them. Yes, the blog is for my class, so my audience will be my classmates and professor, but also for anyone who would like to read what I’m thinking about how rhetoric is used in these forms of media. The content that I will be focusing on is film, tv shows, youtubers/streamers, and video games and how rhetoric is used in them to persuade, shape ideas and also influence the audience. I’m mainly dealing with them because I’m an avid movie goer and gamer, so I’m more at home with them and hoping to be able to comb out how rhetoric help shapes and influence them.

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