I love doing community service, in fact, I never see it as a chore. I have enjoyed it ever since my time in cub and boy scouts. It has brought me to join Alpha Phi Omega and partake on as much service opportunities as possible through honors and other organizations. I was very involved with Longwood Life and assisting the students in that program and hanging out. I volunteered for helping at an ukulele class, theater class, communication skills, public speaking, and other classes. I would eat lunch with Longwood Life every Wednesday and Friday at the designated times. I never have seen Longwood Life as service. I have done everything from picking up trash whenever I see it to wearing a dog costume at a SPCA event. I have volunteered at FACES and on the Bright Eyes, an alpaca farm. I also recently volunteered at the Woodlands retire facility. I love spending time with older people. Seeing and just talking with them has been amazing. I love hearing their stories and helping them make arts and crafts. The Woodland’s staff throw one big party every month and they are fun for everyone. I played Happy Birthday on my guitar at the February Birthday celebration.

A Break Well Deserved

Feb 8 2020

I volunteered on Bright Eye’s farm by moving scrap wood. After my service group finished our individual tasks, we were allowed to feed the alpacas. They came running in a herd, it was a sight to be seen.