Hello, my name is Zach Henderson, and I am a senior at Longwood University with a major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I have been in the writing field as a student for the past eight years, and have worked as an amateur screenwriter in my free time. In a more professional setting, I have worked in retail management for six years and have incorporated many skills that I have learned with classes like these, to my profession. Skills such as professional documentation and how they are formatted, bad newsletters, formal reports, and sales reports, etc.

This portfolio includes the work that I have completed this semester, both independently, and with a partner. This works include, Correspondence, a Brochure, a Press Release, and a full formal report. These documents demonstrate the work that I have done throughout the semester as well as a display of the knowledge that I have obtained. The skills that I have used in these documents include, copy-editing, proper block letter format, the “8 C’s” and AIDA, etc. All of which are on full display in these documents.

The Course Learning Outcomes were as follows:

  1. Analyze and produce writing genres commonly found in the professional world (e.g., business, gov., media);
  2. 2.Create professional documents that use plain English (clear, concise, and grammatically correct);
  3. Conduct research to create content for a variety of professional documents (memos, letters, reports, etc.);
  4. Create professional documents that uses design—standard formats, layout, use of graphics, etc.
  5. Practice oral communication skills to present content effectively (enhanced with multimedia tools);
  6. Participate productively in collaborative projects.