Summer 2019 Internship

Throughout the summer of 2019, I have been pleasured to work as a Flight Operations Intern at Dominion Aviation Services in Richmond, Virginia. Working alongside Kim Kessler and Andy Hughes, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge within the aviation industry, most importantly within the private/general aviation sector.

I worked in this position throughout the entire summer and completed tasks such as maintaining the company social media, updating the company website, setting up promotional and sales materials for the Charter department, detailing company owned and managed aircraft, and working directly with management to strengthen communication practices within the company.

I photographed every employee at Dominion Aviation to use photos for the website, social media, events, and any future needs. I setup the idea of holding employee-of-the-month and using the photographs and social media to advertise those employees as well. For privacy purposes, some of my work is not permitted to be made publicly available, however, below you will find some examples of my achievements this summer.

I feel like this internship has given me a vast amount of understanding for communication theory, helped to narrow down my career search, and taught me how to face challenges, such as conflicts with coworkers and company policies. I also gained many skills such as different ways of communicating to different people within the company and feel like I have learned a lot. My mentors here have been extremely helpful and guided me along the way.

Dominion Aviation is a great company to work for and I would highly recommend anyone to consider employment here!


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Home Page


My name is Trevor Heath.

This site will display my experience and achievements in becoming a professional pilot. Please contact me with questions via my contact tab above.

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