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July, 2018

  1. About me

    July 3, 2018 by Evan Harvey

    Coming to you from the esteemed history and education department of Longwood University, my name is Evan Harvey, and I’m a proud member of both, the History national honor society, and Education national honor society. My main interests academically revolve around history, but more specifically world history as i enjoy seeing the origins of today’s societies around the globe. While I don’t particularly have academic aspirations being that I’m already one of the top 10 students within the history department, I do wish to be able to effectively translate that knowledge into the classroom in becoming a high school history teacher.

    The themes of the course revolve around technology, and the ideas of a online or digital identity. For many, this may seem unimportant, but in our growing society where technology is becoming more accessible and standard everywhere, it’s important to recognize how these functions work, and noting the actual differences between a regular persona and a online persona, because for many those are two completely different aspects of themselves. This especially holds true for teaching because your students are going to be different within the classroom, and online outside of the classroom, and knowing these differences can actual help better teach them in the future. Because many of my hobbies revolve around being online, I know firsthand the differences people between these different identities can take for themselves.

    This blog will mainly be about discussing the ideas behind online identities, and the many positives, and negatives that can develop from them. This can range from a variety of different topics, such as online bullying, to political posts on Facebook, to even the toxic cultural revolving around competitive video games. The internet is a vast place and its more important than ever to understand both, how one interacts with it and how others do as well.