About the Blogger

Before attending Longwood University, I graduated from Buckingham County High School that is just up the road from Longwood itself. I am entering my senior year at Longwood University where I hopefully graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology. I do not participate in any extracurricular activities at Longwood. Some professional aspirations that I have would be the interaction with childrenĀ  that I have already professionally dedicated myself to. I have been recently been promoted from child care counselor to one of the child care coordinators at the Southside Virginia Family YMCA. I do not know how I have managed to work 40-50 hours per work week and still manage being in school this far, but stay tuned, something exciting may happen!

With taking this English 400 course, I can potentially see the interaction between my future professional life and my now present academic life. For instance, whatever I post on this blog and any form of social media in the future can effect my professional future.

The main focus of this blog is to capitalize on the social aspects regarding to citizen leadership. By determining an audience, a purpose, and some appropriate debates on some of the issues regarding to a social presence online.