Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,


   Congratulations, you finally did it! I am so proud that you overcame all of the obstacles that came with freshman year. I hope you continue to fight against the odds that have been placed in your life. I know that it seems like these past three years have been miserable and filled with sleepless nights studying for tests, but I promise that when you look back, it will be worth it. Even though you will probably be tired of learning, but keep going, and don’t stop until you walk across the stage for your Nurse Practitioner and your DNP.  

After all of the clinical rotations, I hope that you choose the area of nursing that you love the most and feel like you make the most difference. As a nurse, you will be able to touch the lives of so many people. Continue to volunteer and make a difference like you have wanted to since you were little. Don’t forget where you came from and what your values are. When you look back on your years at Longwood, I know that you will feel like time went by too fast and like this place has become a second home to you. Even though you don’t want to leave, spread your wings, and do the most good that you can in the world.



Freshman Madison


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Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Hannah,

       Congratulations on making it through four years of college! All that hard work and studying has finally paid off and you’re ready to walk across that stage. I’m sure the last three years went by just as fast as the first did. Now that you’ve completed the last three years of nursing school, my main hope is that you have chosen a path that will lead you to a fulfilling career. You never know where this world will take you but I am sure you have handled every challenge with grace. I know you are ready for this next exciting chapter in your life.

       Nursing school will not be easy, but I am sure you have done amazing and are now ready to tackle the NCLEX and pass it! I can’t wait to see everything that you have been able to accomplish at Longwood and beyond as you pursue gaining your Masters to become a nurse practitioner. Although this plan may have changed. Cherish every relationship that Longwood has brought you and try to stay in touch with people. As a freshman I have already been given so many opportunities through Longwood and the honors college and I can’t wait to see what the next three years will bring! Now go out there and be the best nurse you can be for your patients! I am so proud of you.


Freshman Hannah

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COMM 101: Public Speaking

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Letter to my Senior Self

Well four years later, I hope you figured somethings out for yourself. Have your job and career mapped out to some extent. Still running strong and hopefully healthy. Don’t get caught up looking for a boyfriend, focus on yourself and make sure that you’re happy first. Volunteer when you can, make a difference. Focus on setting a good example for those around you. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher. Graduation is just around the corner, enjoy your final moments at Longwood.

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Study Abroad

Valencia, Spain Summer 2019

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Coming Soon!

Study abroad in Valencia, Spain

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New Library Website

Oops!  It looks like you stumbled upon our old Greenwood Library website.  Head over to the new one now!


Thank you!

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History 222 Honors

After enjoying my CITZN 110 class so much with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell in the fall, I decided to take my history 222 class with her for my second honors class of the spring semester. This class resembled my CITZN class, but with a twist. We were required to annotate the sources we were given but we also got to do other things. We got to watch movies, listen to podcast, and shows all while taking notes. This class we didn’t have the in-class discussions once a week on our articles because every class was a discussion. Although we didn’t get in the typical classroom discussion set up, we were allowed to chime in whenever, make comments when we felt necessary, and address our classmates. Again, I really like this because it allows for students to speak freely and hear opinions from their peers without judgment. One difference with my history class from my CITZN class was that we had quizzes. Although we had quizzes, they were only on our assigned Crash Course episodes and were open-note.

For our final example we were required to create a Buzzfeed Article, using seven of the topics from our class and reflecting on them. I really like how Dr. Dudley-Shotwell assigns projects instead of test because it allows to use everything we’ve learned throughout the semester and really demonstrate our knowledge of the material. I decided to attach my final project as my artifact for this class because I loved the way it turned out and everything I learned from the class. I will definitely be signing up for another class with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell in the future if it aligns with my schedule!

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Education 245 Honors

After enjoying my first honors class so much, I decided to challenge myself and sign up for two honors classes for the  spring semester. One of the honors classes I decided to sign up for was Education 245. I was really excited for this class as it related to my major and something I am very interested in. Similar to my CITZN class, on the first day Dr. Cosby presented us with our syllabus and explained to us what she expected from us throughout this semester. I really liked this because it allowed me to plan my semester out to be the most successful student I could be.

For each class, Dr. Cosby included an interactive activity which I really enjoyed. It allowed for the students to learn beyond the textbook, and apply what we learned. She also had us do many presentations which I liked because many of us are planning on becoming teachers, so we need to get used to speaking in front of the class. Along with the interactive activities, she had very organized presentations for us to follow along and allowed us to chime in whenever. I really liked the way she ran our class because it wasn’t the typical classroom routine, something I hope to carry into my own classroom. I decided to attach my Three Age’s Project Presentation, our biggest project of the semester as my artifact. For this project we were required to interview three different people from different stages of childhood and write a ten page paper incorporating theories into the interviewees answers. With our presentation, we were suppose to share some of our findings with the class and explains our connections. It was a very difficult project, but one that I found interesting and enjoyed doing.

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Ask the Experts: Answers to Some Hard Questions

Campus security, costs and successfully transitioning to college are among the serious and sometimes difficult topics being discussed at colleges and universities today.

Longwood has addressed some common questions related to these topics with the help of the people who work most closely on these issues.

Below are some of the questions we asked these Longwood experts as well as links to the websites where you can find their answers to these questions and more.

Campus Security
Col. Bob Beach, chief of campus police

—Is the Longwood campus safe?
—How does Longwood communicate with students and others during an emergency situation?
—We live in an age of understandable worry about active shooter scenarios in public places like college campuses. What does Longwood do to prepare for such situations?

College Costs
Justin Pope, vice president and chief of staff to President W. Taylor Reveley IV

—Why does college, and Longwood in particular, cost so much?
—What about all those new buildings I see on campus? Are my tuition and fee dollars paying to build them?
—What is Longwood doing to keep tuition increases down?

Transition to College Life
Dr. Emily Heady, senior director of student success and retention

—If you were to list the three biggest obstacles students face in transitioning to college, what would they be?
—What are some things parents should do—and should avoid doing—to help a student transition to college?
—What happens if a student struggles to make friends, or with the college workload, or with academics in general? What support systems do we have?

—Sabrina Brown

I will be on vacation next week, so Lancer Parent Pipeline will return May 23.



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