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#TechTipThursday: Canvas LTIs for #edusocmedia

Today’s tip comes to you as a follow up to our earlier post on using social media as an educative tool. Now that you know how and why these tools can be used, we want to walk you through integrating these applications into your Canvas course.


To get started, choose a course in Canvas. In the left-hand navigation menu, choose settings >> apps. If you have an application in mind, you can search for it, by name, using the filter box (highlighted in blue in the second picture).

Choose ‘settings’

Choose ‘apps’ and search for app by name

Feel free to scroll through the entire list of apps to explore more of the options available to you. Examples of applications that can be found in the EduApp Center are Portfolium, ShareStream, and Twitter. Our focus today will be on integrating Twitter, but the steps are the same for most applications.

Select the tool that you would like to explore by clicking on the icon and choosing the ‘+ Add App’ button located directly under the application’s logo.

Choose ‘+ Add App’

Once you have the application installed, it is time to see how it works in the course! Navigate to your course’s assignments and walk through the steps to create a new assignment.  With the successful installation of Twitter, you will see the Twitter icon appear above the assignment text box. Once that has  been selected, a dialogue box will appear that will allow you to add a hashtag (#) or a handle (@), and how many tweets you would like displayed. Once you have embedded this, the tweets will appear in the assignment details.

Twitter icon

Choose hashtag or handle

Preview and embed

Tweets in assignment details

Certain applications, such as Portfolium, may require specific pieces of information that can only be obtained directly from the vendor.  If you would like help navigating the request process for this information or if you have questions duplicating the steps outlined in this post, please feel free to contact the Digital Education Collaborative.

*This post was drafted with assistance from Kayla, an Instructional Technology Collaborator 

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Social Media in the Classroom

Social media is all around us; it is used by students and faculty alike. It helps us interact with others any place an internet connection is available. Social media connects people to shared personal information like never before. If you choose, you can connect with others one on one through email applications or you can connect to many at once using large platform social media. Social media isn’t only for sharing pictures of children and pets, it can be used for making personal connections with students, creating assignments, and can be used for research.

Students crave a connection with their instructors, they are not looking for the professor that stands at the front of the class and lectures, whether they realize it or not, they want a professor to be real and interact with them. This connection can be made in the classroom but it can be difficult to connect with each student on an individual level. Connections with an instructor can create a connection with the material. To create some of these connections a faculty member may want to create a Facebook Page or Group for their class. Every student would have to subscribe but once they do, information would be shared through Facebook. This can be used for announcements, interaction, and even some assignments like group presentations or marketing assignments. The faculty member can also choose to share a little about themselves in this private group and therefore make a more personal connection with their class. Twitter can be used in the classroom as a way to bring out the reluctant student with the use of hashtags; Google documents can be used for asynchronous and synchronous collaboration; and you as the instructor can be in the middle and watch the interaction in real time and create the personal connection by interjecting with the project as it is unfolding.

Besides the personal connection, you can also use social media to help students complete assignments or complete the assignment through a social media portal. For example, students can use Twitter or Instagram in a Marketing class. These platforms offer many insights and analytics that are available to each user to see their individual global reach. Students can create a marketing plan and post using these social media outlets, they could collect the data offered by the platform and submit this as part of their write-up. Because of the far-reaching aspect of the platforms, it is possible that students would see a reach they could not achieve without the use of social media. This type of real-world interaction could get them walking in the right direction for a career.

Assignments that completely live on social media are possible, but grading them and understanding the whole scope of the project can be a little difficult for the unaccustomed instructor. Because of this, social media can be a platform for research. There are countless experts in a field on social media at any time. Besides the bevy of celebrities, there are writers, politicians, business professionals, sports professionals, and more. As the instructor, you could use these professionals as a source of information for your students. You could require them to follow a writer or politician for a month or week to see how their daily schedules unfold. They could see what the life of a writer is like as they are working on their next project. Following a politician on social media could help the government student to see the pathway, in real time, of a member of congress’ writing of a law or bill. Many of these professionals share not only what they are doing, but how they came about such information. Students can make a personal connection with these professionals and can use this connection for networking or just for research. The possibilities are quite extensive.

There are many more uses for social media in the classroom that could not be touched on in such a short time. We would be happy to connect with you to brainstorm ideas of uses for social media or any other aspects. Social media is more than posts on Twitter and Facebook, likes and emoji’s, social media is a way to draw the student in and make a connection with them outside of the classroom. And, isn’t that connection something that we all crave?

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The Flower Boy

Image result for tyler the creator flower boy

Tyler, the Creator is one of the most unique musicians out there right now.  The music world has no idea what to do with him.  He never tells the media anything of any importance just odd things that don’t have much to do with what they ask him.

He’s been criticized in the media for being homophobic but then he has songs like Domo23 where he says “So, a couple fags threw a little hissfit Came to Pitchfork with a couple Jada Pinkett signs, and said I was a racist homophobic so I grabbed Lucas and filmed us kissing.”  He has been very confusing with his sexuality with nobody exactly sure what he is.  This is due to him being a very private person, but I also believe that he uses his to his advantage as a way for people to find answers in his music and not as much what he says in interviews.

His latest album Flower Boy which is a nod to homosexual tendencies continues to make people question his sexuality.  Many people believe he has some sort of relationship with singer and longtime collaborator Frank Ocean who came out as being bi-sexual in 2012.  I don’t particularly think that this matters nor my business.

What I like is that a Hip-Hop artist can say whatever he wants and not get scrutinized in a Hip-Hop committee that has always been primarily a very masculine.  Tyler is a very controversial figure who steers quite clear of the popular tropes of a Hip-hop artist.  At the beginning of his career, I believe he was controversial to break away from an earlier mold in Hip-hop and to stand out.  He ate a cockroach in a music video he had extremely controversial lyrics about women, gay people and just about anyone.  He also talked about how he doesn’t do drugs, but then would also occasionally talk about them in songs he has been all over the place.

Though I think he has matured a lot with his latest project Flower Boy he talks about fame and it’s consequences it has had on him as a person and how he only has cars as comfort, and also is even more explicit about how he feels about guys.  In a song called I ain’t got time!  He says the lyrics “I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004” then when asked about it in an interview he states “It’s still such a grey area with people, which is cool with me,” he explained. “Even though I’m considered loud and out there, I’m private, which is a weird dichotomy. The juxtaposition of loud and quiet is weird.”

I believe he is becoming more open about his interest with men which I think is a great and that he is growing as a musician instead of just using his old shock value tricks that he used to.  He is maturing into a man who is much more comfortable in his own skin, and I can’t wait for his next album!




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PSYC tutoring cancelled for this week – both Tuesday and Thursday sessions are cancelled.

Please contact faculty if you are needing assistance.   We are sorry!

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Exploring FarmVille: Island Glow

Welcome back to my last week of exploring FarmVille before I leave for winter break! I hope you have enjoyed spending these past 10 weeks finding out what to do during your free time. This week we will be heading downtown to a newer shop, Island Glow. Island Glow opened in the summer of 2017 by owner and founder Michelle Walters. The shop is located 306 N. Main St. in the Penelope’s parking lot.

Tanning sessions are either by appointment or walk-in. You may visit the shops website for more information on how to make and account and book and appointment at www.islandglowva.com. At Island Glow, there are two different experiences for customers. You may either get a custom airbrush tan by one of the staff members or you may get a session in FarmVille first and only VersaSPA. You can buy a variety of upgrades to enhance your experience. From a double coat of spray to spray on Island Glow body butter, you are sure to walk out of the shop happy!

Again, I will be back in January with all of the latest and greatest in FarmVille, but until then, enjoy this video about Island Glow and Michelle Walters. #exploringFarmville #stayingupdated


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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives

Society as a whole is constantly evolving. As citizens, we are expected to be held to a specific standard that meets certain stereotypes. A common term usually referred to from an economic standpoint is globalization. Globalization can be referred to as the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operation on an international scale. A 21st century Global perspectives term is commonly referred to as McDonaldization. McDonaldization, is referred to as a way of thinking about contemporary forms of capitalist production. Capitalist focus on four important factors when producing products for consumers, first off the efficiency, which is when products are produced in and made in the most efficient model possible. Next is calculability, this is when producers use quantitative methods to asses the profitability and the market productions of a good. Then we have predictability, which is when consumers can anticipate that the quality and content of the products because they have been held to a standard. Lastly We have control of technology through the labor force.

Efficiency: When products are produced and made available to consumers in the most efficient way possible. For example products and companies start allowing audible downloads so customers can download books from there home on there desired devices.

Calclability: This can be described as when producers determine the market for products by tracking sales, and predicting the success of future related goods. An example would be when a company releases a product and track the sales before producing a new similar product.

Predictability: This can be described as when consumers anticipate the quality and content of the product because the products they are buying are held to a common standard. An example of this is when consumers are purchasing a new Iphone which there friends and family members have, they are aware of what the product will do for them.

Control through the Technology Labor Force: this can be described as when corporations produce goods that humans consumer and get more and more powerful with the rate at how rapidly technology is producing products. For example factories used to rely on humans to produce goods, which would take twice as long now they use technology and advanced machinery.

Overall globalization is used in all aspects of the product market. Whether you are purchasing a new tooth brush or are a Marketing Executive for a company you are involved in globalization. A question to ask yourself is whether or not globalization is beneficial for the world wide economy.

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Falling for Fall at Longwood

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp bright leaves and the smell of burning wood in the air. Growing up it was a time for bonfires and roasting marshmallows. Every year we would have a huge Halloween party. We would get in trailers and go through our neighborhood trick-or-treating. The kids were in one trailer and the adults in another. It would take us forever because we were being pulled by a tractor, but that is what made it so fun.

My mom used to tell me stories about when she was in college and her mom would send her care packages at Halloween. Because my Mom grew up in Chicago and went to college in Texas, she never experienced fall at her alma mater. So her mom would send her a box of leaves from her yard just to make her feel less homesick. I think I heard that story a million times.

Two weeks ago I received my Halloween care package. Sure enough, down below all of the candy and the spooky decorations were my leaves. It made me feel happy and sad. Happy to be part of a family tradition and sad because I wasn’t home partaking in the yearly traditions that I loved growing up.

But then I realized something. I was sitting at my desk in my high-rise dorm looking out over campus, and all I saw were the bright colors of fall right out of my window. How lucky I am to be in a campus environment that is so beautiful. I love that when you come into town you can see where the campus begins and ends. I love that I can walk from one end to the other and be surrounded by such history. I love that the new buildings look like the past. I love that Longwood has continued so many traditions that I want to be a part of.

So, yes, I do get homesick, and I do miss my friends and family. But I’m steadily making new friends, forging relationships with my professors and thinking about my future at Longwood.  I’m embracing my fall here and still eating the candy my mom sent weeks ago. I’m excited to see what the next season will bring. So stay tuned!

On a side note: My mom and aunt were one recent weekend and brought me pumpkins and scarecrows and homemade chicken pot pie and, yes, more Halloween candy!!!

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Marty Gibson

Role at Longwood

  • Director of Woodshop in Bedford.
  • Equipment SVC and Repair Technician
  • Needed a change of pace from “fix-it” man
    • Needed another challenge
    • Wanted to help art department
  • Had 5 job offers at the time, 3/5 were off campus, but LU was home.
  • Prayed that something opened up for him still at Longwood, jobs were not about money anymore
  • “There is not one place on this campus that I did not work on”.
  • Still has an input with construction on campus
  • Previous Roles at Longwood

  • Facilities
  • Became a fix-it man
  • Came to Longwood to contract some side work.
  • Came from the outside with his private business.
    • Contracted to do a painting job
    • University offered him a job
  • He believes he was here for a different reason
    • He was here to help students
    • Walked around and talked with students
  • State offered benefits
  • He had invested a lot in stocks, the market then fell.
  • To keep retirement, took a job with benefits
  • “Longwood is much greater than all of us, I just think I have a small fingerprint on the campus”
  • Been at Longwood for 17 years.

Biography and Key Points in Life

  • Father
    • Developer in Blacksburg
    • inherited money
    • Candidate for presidency of V.Tech
    • Dream to be developer
      • Bought farms
      • Sold to realtors
    • Invested in hotels, motels, stores, etc.
    • “Everything he touched turned to gold”.
    • Made up to $10 million
    • When President Carter came into office, interest rates to borrow money went way up
    • People stopped borrowing and buying things
    • He could not sell lots, and still had to make payments
    • Banks foreclosed
      • Learned to read contracts, always.
      • “Bankers are friends, but also business men”.
  • Ran his own business and made lots of money
    • Marty built his own successful business
    • Business helped him with family
    • Marty bought back “air looms”
      • Grandmother’s china set
      • Family guns
      • Family Pictures
    • Co-signed a car
    • Helped family find a house in North Carolina
    • Learned to do his own thing, not just go with what his father wanted
    • Wanted to learn the importance of making his own money
    • Learned to earn what he has, not take things
    • Take care of the things he has earned
    • If one day he inherited things, he would know how to manage it
    • “I am blessed I took my own path”.  “Thank God I took my own path, so I could have helped them”.
    • As a human being, “each and every one of you need to be your own person”.
    • Regardless of what you inherited, you need to make your own living
    • “I am a firm believer with starting with a dream or idea, not just money”.
    • “If you’re working for the almighty dollar, you’re not having fun”.
    • Likes the saying, ‘don’t live to work, work to live’.
    • Success will come with what you’re passionate about
  • Built his own house
  • Marty is about working hard, loyalty, and honesty.  Do not lie, cheat, or steal and good things will happen.
  • Strives to do good things for others, to be a good citizen leader.
  • Nothing has ever come easy.
  • Wrestling

Relationships and Marriage

  • Married for a long time
  • Marriage built on friendship first

Religious Beliefs and Life

  • Devout Christian
  • Strong beliefs based on Christian values
  • Basis of all interactions and relationships with others

Helping Others

  • Has stood up for others at Longwood
  • Gave advice to students and colleagues who may have been in trouble

Advice on Life

  • More to come
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My First Week: Finding My Way and Starting to Feel at Home  

(This post was inadvertently not posted when Brooklynn submitted it—but it’s too good to leave out.)

Move-in day was emotional for me. It hit me that I was stepping into a whole new territory and leaving my family and friends back home—and my dogs. My older brother, Davis, went to Longwood and graduated last year. I am a triplet, and my two other brothers are at University of Lynchburg and Roanoke College.

I am excited for this opportunity and new experience/chapter of my life. Getting my dorm all set up and decorated was a long process. My roommate, Ashley King, and I went to middle school together. Ashley is so caring, kind and funny. I am so glad I have her as my roommate. We keep each other motivated, and we make time to get our work done plus have fun. Going through this new experience together has been awesome so far.

New Lancer Days did a great job of keeping me entertained and focused on what was happening here and not what I was missing at home. Cory Craig, a motivational speaker and actor, came to talk to us. He gave me great advice to remember throughout my college years and life in general.

At the Honor and Integrity Ceremony, it was cool to see all the professors and President Reveley in their fancy gowns. It gave me a feeling of reality that I am now a college student at Longwood and that I have to uphold the values and responsibilities of this great university. I believe the honor code ceremony really shows how important and serious it is here.

After three days of important talks and awesome entertainment and activities, it was time to start classes. I was nervous about not being able to find my classes the first day. Peer mentors did a guided class building tour and helped me find my classes, so I knew where to go and how long it took to get to each building. Even though I am starting out on this new journey alone, that is not the environment here at Longwood. Everyone is so kind, friendly and supportive. The first day of class it poured. My class is all the way on the other side of D-hall, and an upperclassman gave me a ride to D-hall so I didn’t have to walk in the rain.

It has only been a week since I moved in, and I have met so many awesome people already! Yesterday was First Friday Back, and one of Longwood’s many traditions is The G.A.M.E. It was neat to get the scarf every upperclassman has told me about. It was a cool feeling to experience the first tradition of the year as a freshman.

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