Chapter 13

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A popular tv show series that has made an impact on today’s society is Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This show has been around for numerous seasons and caused many Americans, mostly female, to become influenced to do things and change their lifestyles. The show has caused people to get facial and bodily enhancements, spend money on expensive clothing and accessories, and act certain ways, as portrayed by characters on the show.

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#TechTipThursday: Using the Narrative Clip

If you have ever wanted to capture real time photographs of activities, academic or otherwise, the Narrative Clip camera may be a perfect fit. These wearable cameras allow you to have continuous photos taken, at an interval of your choosing, with no extra effort. The software to view the pictures on these cameras is available for both Macs and PCs. This post will walk you through basic tips on how to get started using the Narrative Clip and offer specific examples for use at Longwood University.

Highlights of the Narrative:

  1. The battery life can last up to two days;
  2. Each device can hold up to 8,000 pictures;
  3. Photos can be stored locally or in a cloud-based server;
  4. You can download an app, available for iOS and Android devices, to view photos on-the-go;
  5. Want to take pictures instantly instead of waiting for your next ‘scheduled’ shot? Double tap the anywhere on the device to take picture or display the battery life.

How to use the Narrative Clip:

  1. In the box you will find a Narrative and a USB cable. Plug the USB into a computer;
  2. You will then need to register the Narrative to an account. The software will prompt you to set your desired interval for taking pictures;
  3. Once the registration process is complete and the Narrative is fully charged, you are ready to start using the device;
  4. To conserve the battery life, you can turn off the Narrative when it is not being used by storing it in a dark location.

Some Longwood-specific ideas for the Narrative Clip:

  1. In lab courses you could have students capture their experiments and techniques as supplemental materials for a research poster or a methods section in a paper.
  2. For the majors which include outdoor activities (i.e. Outdoor Education), photos of facilitating different routines can be captured.
  3. Archeology students can wear these at dig sites to capture the artifacts they find.
  4. Psychology students can capture observation-based research on campus.
  5. Various campus events can be captured using the Narrative: Library Game Night, New Lancer Days, Color Wars, and so many more!
  6. Admissions staff can capture different aspects of open house days that can be used for future promotions.
  7. Students in PHED and HARK courses can wear Narratives to document their exercise, athletic training procedures, working with a group, and similar demonstrable skills.
  8. COMM students can document other aspects, outside of what is being recorded, when they are on an interview or collecting news data.

This is, by no means, an all-inclusive list. The Narrative Clip allows for creativity and can be used anywhere you want to capture images! What ideas might you have?

If you have any questions, want to borrow a Narrative Clip for your use, or difficulty duplicating the steps detailed in this post, please contact the Digital Education Collaborative.

*This post was drafted with assistance from  Carrie, an Instructional Technology Collaborator.


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Chapter 12

In Shaun of the Dead, there are two parts that include quick cutting. When Shaun goes upstairs to get ready, we see fast shots of what people normally do to get ready like using the bathroom and brushing their teeth. This editing style is used again not too far after the first one to show him making breakfast. The editor/director most likely used this technique to show the passing of time but quickly so that the scene isn’t too long. The viewer uses context clues to figure out that he is getting ready for work and making breakfast.

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OPEN positions

Open Positions (Summary)
Click each link for details on the position
HARK (Health, Athletic Training, Recreation & Kinesiology) Teaching Assistant
School Librarianship (Spring 2019)
Project JumpStart Assistant
Office of Student Research
Writing Center
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Project JumpStart Assistant

Part-Time, Fall & Spring

This GA will support Project JumpStart, a preschool early literacy program, and will provide support to the Director in preparing materials for the preschool activities, newsletters for parents, and marketing materials.

This position is open to students in the CSD master’s program.

If you have questions, contact Dr. Lissa Power-deFur,, 434.395.2369

Standard Part-Time Academic Assistant Position
College of Education & Human Services – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Funding Source: Project JumpStart Foundation funds
Status:  OPEN

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Quick Cutting

Quick cutting is type of editing that shows a series of cuts in a scene rapidly and are used to show multiple actions at the same time. Quick cuts can be in cue with pacing, with quick cuts happening during a high pace in the film. I chose the Mad Max Fury Road escape scene because it shows a series of quick cuts, with the majority of quick cuts happening when Max sees his dead friends and daughter as he tries to escape. It shows that while Max is trying to escape, he is being haunted by dead loved ones, showing an action while another action is occurring. These quick cuts help move the scene along and coincides with the high pacing involved in the scene.

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SHAV 2018

Going to the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) 2018 Conference was quite the experience. For the past few months, we have all been working diligently on perfecting our posters and presenting skills. Turns out all of that hard work paid off because Jalyn Taylor, Seraphina Chabinec, and I won first place for student poster presentations! Through my presenting at SHAV, I learned how to be confident in my work, and converse with professionals about my research in a professional way. I was also able to attend multiple sessions that not only taught me about topics that will impact my future practice, but that also got me excited about the career I have chosen. Let me know if you need some information about over-the-counter hearing aids!

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Celebrate Earth Day with Longwood BioBlitz

Do you know that April is the Earth month? Would you like to be a citizen scientist and celebrate the Earth month with Longwood BioBlitz? Come explore the biodiversity at Lancer park-find, identify and record species. Learn about local wildlife and natural history while you work with experienced naturalists. Bring your smart phone and report your own findings/pictures at Longwood BioBlitz iNaturalist project

The Environmental Educational Center at Lancer Park will be “BioBlitz central.” You will be able to find and learn about local wildlife, help collect data on local biodiversity, and participate in several other activities such as a scavenger hunt, and bird watching. At “touch tables”, you can get close encounters with local animals and plants, and materials for teachers will be available. In addition, there will be a large floor map of Virginia that children can explore by walking and use of manipulatives.

All events are free and open to anyone interested in exploring outdoors. Bring your family, friends and neighbors!

When: Saturday, April 21 from 9am- noon

Where: Environmental Education Center at Lancer Park, Cormier Drive, Farmville, VA 23901


Find more information at Longwood BioBlitz website at

Please direct any questions to,

Sujan Henkanaththegedara (

Edward Kinman (


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