Post #1: Introducing this Blog!

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New Reads for the New Year

Long Bright River by Liz MooreMoral Compass by Danielle SteelThe Vanishing by Jayne Ann KrentzAmerican Dirt by Jeanine CumminsTightrope by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunnDear Edward by Ann NapolitanoTreason by Stuart WoodsFollowers by Megan Angelo

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Keeping a High Profile: More than 100 students head into the community for MLK Service Challenge

(In the photo above, student volunteers work with participants in the Free Family Workshop held at the Morton Museum in partnership with the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts.)

Longwood students were a very visible presence in Farmville and the surrounding area on Monday of this week.

Your Lancer may have been among the 120 or so students who headed out to lend a helping hand to several community projects as part of the Jan. 20 MLK Service Challenge. Projects ranged from giving animals at the Southside SPCA in Meherrin some much appreciated attention to sweeping, dusting and mopping at Madeline’s House, an area women’s shelter.

The Southside YMCA was one beneficiary of this year’s MLK Service Challenge.

In all, 12 projects received some TLC from the Longwood students and a number of faculty and staff who also participated.

“The best thing about the MLK Service Challenge is that students from all walks of life, different backgrounds and different beliefs come together to uphold Dr. King’s legacy by serving their community,” said Quincy Goodine, a staff member in Multicultural Affairs at Longwood, who organizes the event.

Organizing books was one task taken on by student volunteers at the Andy Taylor Center for Early Childhood Development.

Other projects and organizations on the receiving end of Longwood students’ help included
*Andy Taylor Center for Early Childhood Development
*Free Family Workshop at the Moton Museum in partnership with the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA)
*South Virginia Street Community Garden
*Clean Virginia Waterways roadside cleanup
*Southside YMCA

Longwood volunteers helped get the South Virginia Street Community Garden in shape for spring planting.

“We definitely could not have done this [Free Family Workshop] without the volunteers,” said Kristen Mosley, an LCVA staff member. “They were so engaging with the community and made the event joyous for all of us.”

More than 200 members of the community turned out to make “Dream Big” hats and wall hangings at the workshop, which also included poetry readings and the premiere of a hip-hop video.

With a Moton Museum mural in the background, children create their own art with the help of student volunteers at the Free Family Workshop co-sponsored by the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts. More than 25 students helped with the event.

Goodine said the students’ efforts have a significant impact on the community—and on the students themselves.

“It shows our students are thinking outside the box and that they are aware of areas and issues outside campus,” he said. “People are very grateful, and they often want students to come back—whether for an internship or another service opportunity.

“They say the Longwood students are a pleasure to work with and eager to get involved.”

I often say that Longwood students are the best young people around—helpful, considerate, positive and hard-working. The MLK Service Challenge was a perfect example of that. You can be very proud!

—Sabrina Brown

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#TechTipThursday- Longwood Blogs: Getting Started with WordPress

Authored by Jess Moore, ITC

Getting Started with WordPress

Longwood provides WordPress to all students as a way to create blog posts and portfolios describing their coursework and experiences here on campus.  While some professors require e-portiflos for displaying academic work, all students have access to the site, whether it be for academic or non-academic purposes. The software allows for students to create their own blog sites where they can choose the themes, design the layout, and even link it to other social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.   An important feature is the ability to customize sharing settings to make the site public or private to certain viewers.  Here are some tips to help users navigate their blog sites:

Word Press Level 1


Come to the DEC to get assistance in building your own site using WordPress!

Call the DEC at 434-395-4332 to learn more!   Ruffner 136

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Hey there!

Welcome to Grace Girdley’s Rhetorical Criticism Blog! Click on a post under the “Recent Posts” menu to dive into some different collections of thoughts.

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Post #1: Introducing your Blog

Due by 4:00 p.m. on January 27

You were previously given an in-class tutorial on how to create a Longwood blog. Now is the time to make your first blog post! The main purpose of your first post is to clarify the rhetorical situation of your blog for readers who might stumble upon it. For example, why does your blog exist? The elements of a rhetorical situation include the following: writer, purpose, message/topic/subject matter/content, audience, context.

-Who is the writer/blogger (e.g., brief info about you)?

-What is the purpose of your blog (include the course information but you may also include a purpose of your own)?

-What will the writer be writing about on this blog (subject matter/content)?

-Who is your intended audience (write one or two sentences about who might make use of this blog or would like to check it out, etc)?

-What is the context of this blog (you can think about the classroom and beyond)?

In your response to some of these questions, you will want to mention our Rhetorical Criticism course. Hence, it is also appropriate to give some information about your major/specializations, reasons for taking the class, any past rhetoric/writing classes you have taken, etc.

Be flexible and use your creativity while making sure you address all writing prompts in detail. Please make all your postings more visually appealing with media (images, video, etc); cite your images and try to use ones that are in the public domain (not copyrighted), but you should be fine sharing any YouTube videos. You may also create your own images (take photos, etc) and add them to your blog, too.

(Sources for high-quality free images include, Wikimedia Commons, etc.)

Plato and Aristotle in Raphael’s The School of Athens (1509-1511)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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At Longwood, It’s Always Safety First

(The photo above is from this year’s Campus Safety Walk, a joint initiative of Longwood students, LUPD and the Office of Residential and Commuter Life. The walk’s goal is to identify areas on campus where safety can be improved, especially after dark.)

Nothing is more important to Longwood’s administrators, faculty and staff than the safety of your student.

The resources we devote to personnel, programming, planning and communication; the high standards we set for our campus police department; and the attention we pay to the safety concerns of students are just a few indicators of how seriously the university takes this responsibility.

“In the last 10 years, we have nearly doubled the security budget on campus, including growing our law enforcement staff to more than double the national average for a population our size,” said Dr. Tim Pierson, vice president for student affairs, who oversees the Longwood Police Department. “That kind of commitment from the top down … is a real testament to the values and forward-thinking practices put in place over that time.”

LUPD is accredited by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, a distinction held by less than a third of the law enforcement agencies in the state.

The Longwood Police Department is recognized as one of the best college police department’s in the nation. Over the last 11 years, Longwood has consistently outperformed Virginia’s other colleges and universities in the higher education category of Security magazine’s annual rankings. LUPD’s latest top-20 ranking, which was announced in late 2019, is the department’s eighth in the last 10 years.

In addition, LUPD is accredited by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, a distinction held by less than a third of the law enforcement agencies in the state.

Below are a few of the university’s efforts, initiatives and services. You’ll see that some of the safety measures available require you and/or your student to sign up or take another action. Please encourage your student to take full advantage of every service Longwood offers to help them stay safe.
Anyone with an interest in campus safety can sign up for email and text alerts at this website, which provides up-to-date information about any situation that could affect the safety of Longwood students. Students’ automatically receive emails through this alert system, but they must go to the site and sign up to receive text messages.

In addition, provides information about Longwood’s inclement weather policy, a list of emergency phone numbers and links to additional safety resources.

Encourage your student to use the hashtag #SafeAtLongwood on their public social media accounts to let you and others know they’re safe in the event of a major emergency. During a major crisis, cell service might be down.

LiveSafe App
LiveSafe delivers peer-to-peer and self-service tools to help everyone in the community stay safe, in everyday and high-risk scenarios. Encourage your student to download the free LiveSafe app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Features includetwo-way communication with Longwood safety officials using text, picture, video and audio, as well as SafeWalk, a virtual walk-along service that will alert designated contacts if the user doesn’t reach their destination.

Sixty emergency blue-light phones placed at strategic outdoor locations provide direct communication with the Longwood Police Department

Emergency Phones and Security Cameras
More than 300 security cameras keep an eye on the campus and university-managed housing complexes. In addition, more than 100 emergency area-of-rescue photos placed inside buildings and 60 emergency blue-light phones placed at strategic outdoor locations provide direct communication with the Longwood Police Department.

Safety Programming
The Longwood Police Department provides a range of programming designed to help keep your student safe. Here are just a few examples:
 —Personal Safety Seminars
These seminars are designed to improve students’ safety habits. Topics include alcohol awareness, residence hall security, personal safety habits, reporting illegal or suspicious activity, crime on campus and police services. This program allows the student the opportunity to address safety concerns and to receive an appropriate response.
—R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense)
The Rape Aggression Defense system is dedicated to teaching women defensive concepts and techniques against various types of assault by utilizing easy, effective and proven self-defense/martial arts tactics.
—Code Red
This program is designed to make participants aware of their surroundings with an all-hazards approach. Participants also learn the appropriate actions to take to protect themselves and others in an active threat situation. Severe weather safety measures are also covered.

—Sabrina Brown





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#TechTipThursday- Mac vs. PC Use at Longwood University

Authored by Faith Harris, ITC

Mac vs. PC Use at Longwood University

When coming to the DEC, the Longwood community has the option to either check out a PC or Mac laptop. In last year’s DEC Data Report, checkouts of Macs and PCs were comparable with PCs checked out 2.4% more often.  Given that near equal numbers of people checking out machines from the DEC use either Mac or PC, this Tech Tip Thursday is going to analyze the different uses for both types of laptops so that users can utilize either option to their full extent.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two computer systems come from the operating systems. Depending on what you want to do, one might be better than the other, but it comes down to what you are comfortable with.

  • Macs have been known to have a high-powered graphic design for some time. Apple products are visually appealing and are can be purchased for how they look.  There are tools and apps for graphic design that are only on Mac. The perception is that Macs are what you need for graphic design.


  • A PC user can select from many motherboards, processors, storage drives, video cards, graphics cards, audio cards, and memory. This allows PC users to build or design a custom machine or upgrade an existing machine quickly and easily. PCs also have the advantage of offering more connection ports and types of ports on any one system.


Regardless of which system you choose, there are some shortcuts you can use to maximize your workflow:

Keyboard Shortcuts


  • To close a window: Command + Q
  • To print: Command + P
  • To take a screenshot: Shift + Command + 4
  • To minimize your windows: Command + Option + M
  • To Find your applications: Command + Shift + A
  • To show or hide the Dock: Command + Option + D
  • To copy: Command + C
  • To paste: Command + V



  • To copy: Control + C
  • To paste: Control + V
  • To Highlight: Shift + End
  • Selects all text: Control + A
  • Save file: Control + S
  • Undo the last action: Control + Z
  • To take a screenshot: Control + Print Screen
  • To Print: Control + P


Not sure which system is right for you, or wish to gain experience on another type of machine?

Come to the DEC to check out a PC or Mac for yourself!

Call the DEC at 434-395-4332 to learn more.  Ruffner 136

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About Me

Debbie is a biology major at Longwood University. She has studied biology for four years and has a wide range of knowledge on different aspects, topics, and concepts in biological sciences. She has held many officer positions such as the vice president of the NAACP chapter, treasurer for Global Leaders, and social chair for the chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma. Debbie has earned her EMT, CPR, and EVOC license through Appomattox county, and by volunteering, she possesses knowledge of interacting, communicating, and engaging with people of all kinds.

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Welcome to ENGL 301: Rhetorical Criticism of Film, Pop Culture, & Multimodal Texts!

Welcome to our course blog! This blog will serve as a medium for us to communicate about our course, which will allow you to study various methods of rhetorical criticism and use them to examine examples of verbal and nonverbal communication in film, pop culture, and multimodal texts.

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