Check out these AWESOME ads!

Longwood theatre’s production of “She Kills Monsters: virtual realms” by Qui Nguyen will be available to watch in just TWO WEEKS!

So the students in the show made some really cool teaser ads to temp you.

Check ’em out on our Longwood Theatre YouTube channel here.

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Students can apply now for shadowing program that connects them with alums in a variety of careers

One of the great things about being a student at Longwood—and then being a Longwood graduate—is the strong connection our alums feel with these young people and the support they provide to them.

One example of this is the Work Shadow Program run by our Office of Alumni and Career Services.

The program gives current students the opportunity to spend a day with an alum working in a career field in which they have an interest. So far, more 55 alums, many of them from high-profile businesses and organizations, have volunteered to host a student for shadowing this year.

The deadline to sign up for this year’s winter break program is the end of October. If you think your student might be interested, now is the time for them to apply here: . The program will be held virtually this year due to the pandemic.

“Alumni really enjoy connecting with students and making a difference in their professional futures,” said Teresa Dodson, assistant director of employer engagement and internship services. “The goal is to give our students a taste of what the professional environment is like as well as to provide networking opportunities for our future alumni.

“We will do our best to find an alum in the student’s area of interest,” she added.

Ryan Young ’00 (left), an attorney in private practice in Glen Allen, hosted two students for Longwood’s Work Shadow Program in December 2019.

Below are some of the alums who have signed up to participate this year. Spending a day with professionals in these types of influential positions could be a life-changing experience for your student.

Editor and junior video editor
National Geographic Studios

Head of technology in corporate and commercial banking
Ernst & Young

Director of talent development
Virginia Tech

Associate compliance tester
Capital One

Senior human resources manager
Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond

International program manager
The Boeing Company

Open source intelligence specialist and analytic training coordinator
U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

—Sabrina Brown

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Day 20 — Crypto Research #2

Hey, all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

Today was a short day of research — I delved deeper into researching the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptographic algorithms. Most of my time went into the AES algorithm, however.

I looked up the FIPS publications for both DES and AES, and also looked into a tutorial of the AES algorithm, to give me a general idea of how the algorithm works. It also helps that I was able to refer to my notes from when I took a Cryptography class.

AES utilizes four main functions:

  1. Byte Substitution — Substitute the input (present as a byte) , 16 input bytes at a time.
  2. Shift Rows — Shifting the rows of the 16 substituted byte input to the left.
  3. Mix Columns — Takes each column of the 16 byte substituted and shifted input, and transforms them based off a given function.
  4. Add Round Key — Take the 16 substituted, shifted, and mixed input bytes, translated them to 128 bits, and XOR them by the 128 bit round key.

Normally, this operation could take a very long time to process, especially with larger messages or data. That being said, I believe that OpenCL could easily split up the four functions for each 16 byte input into independent operations to be done by the GPU. As discovered when first attempting to implement OpenCL, the standard cannot be utilized effectively when the input is being overwritten in the kernel and then used elsewhere within the same function. However, functions 1, 2, and 4 do not utilize overwritten other parts of the input when calculating the output in each function, so this should allow OpenCL to optimize the calculation.

Tomorrow, I will look over my projects I had written when taking the Cryptography class, and get a better look at how AES operates.

Until next time!

Kyle Jenkins

Time spent today: 1 hour
Total Time: 29 hours 30 minutes

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Updates galore!

We just completed a bunch of wordpress and system updates (thanks for your patience in maintenance mode). Read the WordPress news post about our latest version:

WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine”

Also check out big changes to the editor in version 5.0:

You can also dig into the details of recent changes:

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Putting On A Happy Face

There are many things I love about our Longwood students: They’re friendly, kind, thoughtful, hard-working, unpretentious. Many of them also are really good sports, as the story I’m about to tell you will show.

Recently, 8-year-old Regan Vogel, the daughter of Longwood photographer Courtney Vogel, was on campus. She’d accompanied her mom to an assignment and kept herself busy collecting colorful leaves.

All was not exactly well, though. Regan noticed the smiles of students she encountered were hidden by their dutifully worn masks. Couldn’t they do something about that? Regan mused.

In a moment of collective creativity, the group drew smiles on the leaves and the students placed them in front of their masks for a photo op.


Regan was happy, and we hope these photos make you feel that way, too.

—Sabrina Brown

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German tutoring – 10/21: use zoom today (same link)

Please use the same link that is used for regular zoom meetings for German.

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Day 19 — Crypto Research #1

Hey, all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

I spoke with Dr. Marmorstein very briefly last Friday about the research I had done on clblake. I’m going to add my notes onto the previous blogpost. Again, they’re just notes that try and make sense of what is going on under the hood of the program.

More importantly, I started to do some research in an attempt to develop our own Cryptographic hashing algorithm. As a short and sweet refresher on Cryptographic algorithms, I found a website called Crypto-IT that discusses how certain algorithms work. I determined that the best kind of algorithm to use would probably be some form of Block Cipher. This is so that we can easily split up the given message into blocks, and perform the encryption or decryption with every block. This would definitely not be a secure algorithm, most likely, as we would probably have to use one constant key for each block. However, as far as speed is concerned, it should definitely speed up the algorithm by removing the tedium of processing each block once at a time.

There is still more studying to be done! I plan to look more in-depth into the AES and DES algorithms, as they are block algorithms and were (and still are) widely used.

See you next time!

Kyle Jenkins.

Time spent today: 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time: 28 hours 30 minutes

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Longwood’s New APO members!

  • Congratulations to the new Alpha Psi Omega members! We are so happy that you are officially apart of the theatre brotherhood!
    To learn more about APO, check their Instagram page here.
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Check Out These DVDs

The King of Staten IslandThe OutpostTrue History of the Kelly GangThe 2nd: Family Comes FirstThe WhistlersThe Way BackScoob!The Hunt1917The Invisible ManTrolls: World TourI See YouBirds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)Queen & SlimOnwardSonic the HedgehogThe High NoteWe Summon the DarknessBody CamA Soldier's Revenge

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Changes to tutoring: both CHEM 112 and PSYC now all online.

zoom rooms under those tabs

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