Welcome to ENGL 305: Organizational Rhetoric!

Welcome to our course blog! This blog will serve as a medium for us to communicate about our course.

ENGL 305 is an advanced study featuring a particular aspect of rhetoric or professional and/or technical writing, such as a time period, genre, or theoretical perspective. The Fall 2018 offering focuses on organizational rhetoric. What gives Apple the ability to persuade and lead? What does it take for an organization to influence popular attitudes and public policies? All multinational corporations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), trade associations, religious organizations, and locally owned companies at some point want to promote their identity, manage an issue, resolve a crisis, or recruit and retain employees and volunteers. Organizational messages confront us every day. This course will provide you with a strong background in the strategies used to develop and critique these messages.

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Congratulations to Chelsea Smith for her New Position as a Coordinator at Progressive Therapy

Our recent Professional Writing graduate, Chelsea Smith, has recently got a position as Front-End Coordinator at Progressive Therapy in Farmville, VA. Congratulations, Chelsea!

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Colin Deans successfully completes an internship with the Moton Museum

In Spring 2018, our recent Professional Writing graduate, Colin Deans, successfully completed an internship with the Robert R. Russa Moton Museum.
“As an intern for Moton, I utilized my writing skills from a public relations standpoint. I was responsible for researching, writing, and hosting/presenting the museum’s historical/cultural podcast. [My assignments at the Moton Museum] allowed me to demonstrate many professional writing skills including oral and written communication, document design, research, and analysis.”
Congratulations, Colin!
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Cook and Cole Awards for Mentorship

Congratulations to Mary Carroll-Hackett and Andrew Yeagley, the 2018 recipients of the Cook and Cole Medals for Undergraduate Mentorship.

The John Randall Cook Faculty Mentor Award and the Waverly Manson Cole Faculty Mentor Award recognize, respectively, a tenure-track faculty member and a tenured faculty member who have demonstrated excellence in mentoring undergraduate scholarly activity and creative endeavors and working with students to disseminate the results through professional meetings, publications, exhibits or performance.  These faculty members demonstrate a sustained record of such mentorships and impact on students’ careers as they move to graduate school or employment.

Mary and Andrew were recognized at the opening meeting of the Cook-Cole College on Wednesday, August 15. Pictured are Roger Byrne, Dean of the College; Mary Carroll-Hackett; Andrew Yeagley; and Adam Franssen, chair of the selection committee.

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Dr. Elif Guler presents at the International Conference on Global Studies

Dr. Elif Guler, Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Professional Writing at Longwood, has recently presented her study, “The Rhetorical Understanding of Agency in The Wisdom of Royal Glory and its Implications for the Contemporary World,” at IAFOR’s International Conference on Global Studies in Barcelona, Spain (July 2018). Upon invitation to the conference entitled, “Fearful Futures: Cultural Studies and the Question of Agency in the Twenty-First Century,” Dr. Guler was also asked to serve as a senior reviewer for IAFOR and invited to publish her study as a chapter in an intercultural rhetoric book contracted with the Southern Illinois University Press.
Dr. Guler’s presentation covered some of the results of her studies recovering non-Western principles of rhetoric with a particular focus on the Turkish rhetorical tradition. Specifically, the presentation focused on an 11th-century Turkish text’s education of an ideal agent who has to study language so s/he can effectively and morally communicate with and utilize authority and power. Dr. Guler also discussed the implications of this text, which originated in the Karakhanid Empire of Central Asia, for a rhetorical construction of a collective identity–an identity which (rather than a race, an ethnicity, or being a lawful member of a society) relies on one’s act of following the tore (a certain set of moral principles that are supposed to govern an individual’s behavior).
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Hello world!

Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Final Portfolio

This summer has been full of stress, excitement, and a learning. I have learned many different aspects that I have never seen before on the farm.

I have faced many different challenges during the course of my internship. One of the major challenges was to get the summer camp employees to stay on track and to follow directions. These ranged from redirecting them during activities, correcting employees’ bad habits, and discussing their tardiness during camp. Another challenge that I faced was with one of my employees, Wanda (Ashley). Wanda has been in summer camp for the last 21 years and has rotated from camp director, camp counselor, and now senior camp counselor. She never followed the new protocol and listened to the new advice for the revamped camp. She was difficult to work with because there was tension and negative energy. By the end of the summer, she was much better and started to follow the new plans.

This internship hasn’t affected my career search. I am still interested in public relations and Hunt Club Farm. It is a multi-million-dollar business and family owned. I plan on working at the farm the year after I graduate unless I become a celebrity personal assistant.

I have gained the skills that I detailed in my first journal entry. The major skill that I gained and also wanted to learn was the skill of delegating task to other employees. This skill took many weeks to gain because I always wanted to do everything myself. After getting burned out during week 3 of camp, I stepped up my game and started to delegate the task to all of my employees and volunteers.

I feel as if I was mentored fairly during my internship. My boss, Rendy Richards, has now become my best friend and we had a great summer. We were able to take a summer camp and re-image it to become modern. Rendy guided me throughout the way and was literally just a phone call away. I was also mentored by the General Manager and close family friend, Gerry Doyle. Gerry was able to show me behind the scenes of how the beer festivals run. I had the privilege of sitting in on many of the executive board meetings in regard to the planning of the festivals. I also was given the opportunity to promote Blue Moon, our own beer festival, at a Virginia Beach Hotel Association Meeting with the farm events coordinator. Stephen and I went to the meeting and presented our event to the folks and were able to hand out posters to displace at the oceanfront hotels.

I would not suggest Hunt Club Farm to future students seeking internships, but not for a bad reason! I have been with Hunt Club Farm since 8thgrade, so I know everyone who works there, and many are close family friends. I had to do many projects and delegate task myself without the help of others. Looking from the outside on in, people who haven’t been raised on the farm wouldn’t be a good fit. The workers are friendly and nice, but everyone knows where everything is exactly. Training someone new is very hard, especially if it’s your first time at the farm or on a farm period.

Here is a sample of one of my tasks. For blue moon, we update the layout every year. This year, we made a few major changes. For this task, I was assigned to circle all of the things that are different compared to this year’s layout. All of the red circles show what was changed from last year and is no longer in the same spots. This is then sent over to Chesbay brewing company to be confirmed for the beer events. This particular event was the Blue Moon Beer Festival.

After the plans were switched for each beer event during the course of my internship, we had to change the Huntclubfarm.com website to match what the ticket sales website stated. In order to do this, I had to print out what the ticket sale website said compared to our website. What was different is highlighted in yellow and what is not on our website and important for the customers is in red circles. This is then emailed to 3ways media. This company runs all of our social media and are who we go through to get everything online done and posted.

My next task during my internship included reports. A sample of one of the reports that I have done was the scheduled vs. worked report. On this report it shows what hours that we planned on the employee working and what they actually worked when they used the time clock. Rendy and I had to print these each week and review them. We had to determine why some employees were late, why some had stayed on the clock past there shift and use these numbers for payroll to be sent to Sevannah. The highlights showed the different weeks during the summer.


During the beginning of my internship, I was able to plan summer camp and set up the marketing/advertisements. I was able to contact WTKR Channel 3 reporter Brheanna Berry to come out to the farm. The link above will show you what information I provided her, the owner of the farm and Rendy being interviewed with questions that I selected, and a look at the farm. I was able to help the camera-man select shots for the videos and was also able to help shoot B-Roll. This was an amazing experience to get hands on learning when they came out. Summer Camp was booked for all 10 weeks during the first 2 weeks of summer camp because of this live broadcast that I had set up.

Another task that I was assigned during the beginning of my internship starting in April was to update the old summer camp counselor binder for each counselor to carry with them from point to point. This binder ensures that all facts given to the children are correct and that we aren’t saying random stuff. This binder is extensive, and needs updated each year as the petting farm is constantly changing. The binder starts with the schedudle for two groups weekly in the front and one group during the fourth of July week on the back of the binder. When you open the binder on the left-hand side pocket are boo boo reports in case a child is injured. The middle of the binder is split into three huge sections with the middle being the biggest. The first sections include roles and responsibilities for every position in summer camp so that the counselors are aware of everyone’s roles. This was new this year and created by Rendy and myself. The next section included every animal and animal class facts that are on the farm currently. These facts are the ones we teach the kids every day after the animal activity.

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Internship Portfolio

Completing this internship at 106.5 The Beat has been an amazing experience that I will hold near and dear to my heart. The staff there have been amazing to work with and have provided an abundance of insight that will be extremely helpful if I decided to continue a career path within the radio industry. It was interesting to see into the radio side of mass communications since our course programs are focused more around journalism. I also realized how much the two aspects of communications intertwine with each other since I had to base some of my work from articles that were reported by journalists.

Throughout my time at the internship, I’ve experienced a few challenges as you would when beginning a new area of work. Most of these challenges came when I was learning new programs or tools that are necessary within the radio industry. I learned how to use tools like the switcher and how each button controls what we hear. I was also taught how to use the program used to queue up the show, and how to swiftly transition music and commercials. Because both were new concepts to me, it was difficult when I first began, but after having practice, I was able to overcome both challenges and thrive within the internship.

When I first began at this internship, I was interested in working within the radio industry, but it was that big of an interest, just more of a backup. After getting the chance to learn the basics of what is needed to work within this industry, I realized how much my passion for music could be translated to a career in radio. Whether I work on air or behind the scenes, I’ve gotten a chance to grow my appreciation for the industry and now it’s higher on my potential career paths list.

The skills that I hoped to gain described in my first journal were my public speaking skills on air and my multitasking abilities. After the last few months participating in this internship, I can confidently say that I believe I have improved both skills. Being able to talk on air more than once has given me the opportunity to learn how to shape my voice so that I sound more professional. It has also allowed me to get over the fear I had of speaking on air because the other personalities believed in my abilities even when I was nervous about them. Working with the switcher allowed me to improve my multitasking abilities because it literally controls everything in the studio. When segueing the show, chopping commercials, or conducting phone giveaways, we consistently use the switcher.

The goals I set within my performance evaluation were that I would become more confident when completing hands-on operations and not being afraid to ask questions, learn the promotional side of the business as well as I did the on-air side, and to gain as much insight about the industry by asking valuable questions. I feel that I achieved the first and last goals I set for myself because I learned to believe that none of my questions were “dumb” and that all information was valuable. The second goal I didn’t achieve because by the time I was able to get down to the promotions office, the internship was essentially completed, however, I’m glad that I was able to see how the on-air side worked in depth.

I feel that I was mentored throughout this internship mostly by the two radio personalities I sat in with as well as by my supervisor. They were all able to answer any questions I had with ease and they taught me the basics quickly and efficiently. Because my supervisor also has a show, I was able to sit in with him while he works on his show as well as the radio personalities so when I had questions, I would ask all three to get the most efficient answers. I felt that getting all the different opinions would help me more than just getting one.

I would recommend this radio station to students looking for internships. You can tell that all the employees have a passion for their craft and they are excited to be able to pass on their knowledge. It’s also a great internship because there are different radio stations in the building so sometimes other radio personalities will stop by and you’ll be able to have conversations with them as well. Whether students are looking for a career in radio or even marketing, there is some way they can find a great mentor at this company. 106.5 specifically are currently actively looking for a new intern since I am leaving, so it would be a great time to get in contact with them if any students are interested!

Work Samples

This piece is the script used for some of the short inserts used during the show. They are read throughout the show, some more than once to make sure the audience gets a chance to hear them. I used this script to complete commercials that could be aired during the show.

This second piece are some of the notes I took when I was covering the Xxxtentacion story in June. I originally came in at the beginning of the day with some smaller stories, but once I arrived at the station, I heard about this story on twitter. These notes I took as information came in during that afternoon. We spoke about it on air for the entire show that afternoon.



This third piece is an audio of a commercial I shot for the segment “beat your bills”. This was the first complete audio piece I created which included reading it off the script since this specific commercial has to be read word for word, recording it and adding the music track in the background.



Commercial Video

This fourth piece is a video of the 5th take of the second reader I did right before recording the “beat your bills” segment. I also had to read this piece word for word. This was a little after I did a few readers so I wasn’t as shy as I was in the beginning.


The 5th piece I don’t have a sample for, but it’s the script I use for when we complete contests on air. We have to ask them their name ahead of time for when we cut together the commercial instead of having them introduce themselves. We then introduce the caller and announce to them that they are the xth caller (which ever number we asked for). After doing this, the audio is cut within VoxPro, a program that works with the phone lines. After the commercial is fully created and the music track is placed behind the audio, the information is collected from the caller and I type all that information into the contest winner form so the caller can pick up their tickets to whichever show we were conducting the contest for.


(Hover over slideshow for picture captions)

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Dr. Alec Hosterman has photo exhibit at VA Holocaust Museum and Richmond NPR Interview

On Friday, August 3rd, Dr. Alec Hosterman’s photo documentary exhibit There’s Just Us opened at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, VA. The exhibit documents his experiences at the 2017 Unite the Right rally held in Charlottesville, VA. The museum kicked off the exhibit on Thursday, August 2 with a special invitation artist’s talk given by Alec.

Alec was also interviewed by WCVE, Richmond’s local NPR affiliate, about his experiences in Charlottesville and the photos in the exhibit at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Click here to read/listen to that interview.

There’s Just Us runs from August 3, 2018 through October 28, 2018. Click here for more information on the exhibit and the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

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Journal 5

Two communication theories that have been utilized throughout the duration of my internship are Social Penetration Theory and Agenda-Setting Theory. There are many more that I could tie into my experiences while working at the radio station; however, I have chosen to focus on these two specific theories.

Social Penetration Theory states that all relationships that individuals develop start out as a surface level interaction and move towards having more deep connections. This theory is best described as the layers of an onion. The outer layer represents that surface level relationship whereas the center layer is the deepest level of a relationship. At my internship, all of my relationships started out at that outer layer of the metaphorical onion. As time went on, my relationships with my coworkers developed more. Even if they didn’t become super deep connections, they still were gradually becoming less surface level. I actually discovered that one of my coworkers actually knew me when I was a baby, so our relationship was a little deeper than my other coworkers that I met when I began the internship. The way these relationships developed over time is described by the use of Social Penetration Theory.

The second theory I used was Agenda-Setting Theory, which is defined as when an influencer, such as a media outlet or in my case, a radio station, frames messages and sends them out to the public. These influencers act as “gatekeepers” in the sense that they get to decide which information is sent out to the public. One of the tasks I completed during my internship was finding news stories to be talked about on air. Through this task, I acted as the “gatekeeper” since I was in charge of deciding which stories were most valuable to be spoken about on air. While majority of the days I was following up on different stories, on June 18th, a major story occured within the music industry that I decided was needed to be spoken about during the duration of the show. Young rapper, Xxxtentacion, was murdered that afternoon. The information was coming in while I was at the station so we were updating the story real-time. Since this was a huge story, agenda-setting theory expresses why I decided to only speak about that situation.

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