Visiting “D-Hall”

On Wednesday, we took a field trip to the Longwood Dining Hall. We were given a comprehensive tour of the facility, including the prep kitchen, serving areas, and dining areas.

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Exploring Slime

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Woods bought a slime-making kit to bring to school. The kit included premeasured ingredients that, when combined, would make a viscous slime for children to play with.

When we first offered the pre-made slime, the children were interested in “messing about” with the material. They manipulated it using their hands and fingers, as well as with tools. This experience provoked a great deal of language as the children described the sensation of the slime as they worked with it.

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hello i am maddy payne


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Data Analysis Project – Stocks

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Data Analysis Chart

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Data Analysis – Breaking Down Race in Lynchburg, VA

Click the link below to access my charts. The first set of data is on the first sheet. The second set of data is on the second sheet.

This first set of data shows the percentages of races in Lynchburg, Virginia. This information was taken via census in 2016. I chose a pie chart so it would be easy to see which races make up the majority of the population. The data presented encompasses individuals who chose the races presented as their only race and those who selected the given race as one of the races within racial makeup. I find that every time I turn on the news in my area, most of the crime reported seems to be about people from the white and African American community. I wanted to see if the population of Lynchburg matched what was being reported. To me, if there is more of one race in the population of the community, that race should be the most reported on. I do not feel like the crimes reported on the local news channel mirrors what the breakdown of the race makeup is.

The link to the information:

The second set of data reflects the educational attainment by race in Lynchburg, Virginia. This information is from 2016. Using a bar graph shows just how drastically different some of the numbers are. This set of information also includes individuals who are of Hispanic or Latino origin. I became interested in this set of data because of working in the school and working at graduation this past weekend. The information provided includes individuals who have at least some college experience and those who just have a high school degree or equivalent.

The link to the information:

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Field Trip to the Greenhouse

This morning, we took a walking field trip to the Chichester Science Center to visit Longwood’s Greenhouse! The Greenhouse is home to several hundred species of plants of all shapes and sizes. The children were fascinated with the variety that they observed! Dr. Mark Fink, director of the greenhouse, gave us a personal tour of the facility.

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Junior Year Reflection

Wow.  To think that just three years ago I was a freshman awkwardly meandering through the crowds to make just one connection astounds me.  I went from a freshman who went from sitting in his room if given the chance to going out at every possible opportunity to learn, work, and serve.  I remember telling my friends and family back home during my first year that I was doing okay, when really I was struggling to find my niche in it all.  At my worst, I was even considering a transfer to a bigger university to see if that would help me.  By the end of my first and second year, I knew that couldn’t be more absurd.  By the end of my third year, I solidified that feeling even more.

I have grown in so many capacities that I would have found unimaginable three years ago.  I went from a mentor in Global Leaders to serving as the Ambassador Chair my first semester as a sophomore, and then as the vice president my spring semester.  At the end of that semester, I was shocked and surprised that I was the only individual nominated to fill the role of president for the organization.  I admit that I had more than my fair share of reservations.  I had no experience in a position that high before, I did not have an authoritative backbone in my body, and I wondered if I had the ability to take on that role of making connections and building our leadership.  Luckily, and with the help of some great friends, I decided to give it a shot.  I realized that I was making excuses for myself.  I learned it is okay to step into new shoes not knowing what you are doing, because the experiences you take from it all only help you grow.  I am proud to say I’ve been winning the battle against those insecurities, and that Global Leaders has grown from a grassroots organizations to being an SGA recognized, Chi-commended group with over forty members now.

In addition, I found myself being a newly-initiated brother into the Sigma Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu Delta.  I was one of the biggest proponents of criticizing fraternity and sorority life my freshman year.  I thought all of Greek life was defined as binge drinking and poor decision-making, hazing, buying friends, and suffering grades.  Maybe some fraternities are like that, but I found that all of those facts were false the minute I walked into a Phi Mu Delta Open House.  I realized that these fraternity men put grades and service above any sort of social life, their grades soared rather than plummeted due to group studies and study hours, and that I can rely on them for anything and everything for the rest of my life.  I was spontaneously appointed the Public Relations Chair, and am now proud to say that I can brag about our brothers and their accomplishments through our social media accounts, hoping to spread the enthusiasm and love for the chapter that was given to me this semester.

I was also fortunate enough to be elected by the student body to serve as a Conduct Board Justice.  After missing the deadline my first year, I gave it a shot during my spring semester.  I campaigned hard and did all I could to prove myself, that I can uphold our student integrity as Lancers.  I understand that many make mistakes, but it is up to the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity and our Conduct and Honor Board justices to hold each other accountable, while giving chances to learn and grow from any misconduct.  Unfortunately, I was only able to hear two cases last semester, but with the boards being merged into a single conglomerate I hope that I can continue to serve in full capacity for the rest of my time here.

I even found myself growing closer to my friends and coworkers as I continue to work as a student assistant at Greenwood Library.  The work may occasionally be dull, and the last thing I may want to do for the day is work a shift, but I can also count on both the student and full-time staff to brighten even my darkest days and make the whole experience worth it.  And I love the service.  In fact, if they decided to stop paying me, I would still be dedicated to working at the library.  I love that I can help students like myself learn about all of the resources they can find at the library to help them succeed in their classes.  I love that I can help maintain a library that has done so much good for both the campus and the surrounding community.  And I love books in general, simple enough.  I’m happy to say that I’ll continue to work there until I graduate, and I can’t wait for the fall semester to start so I can get right back to serving.

Last but not least, I was accepted to serve as an intern for the State Department!  On June 22, I will be traveling to the Regional Security Office at the U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia, where I will assist visa applicants as well as to ensure safe journeys for American citizens traveling through.  This has been my dream since freshman year.  I dreamed of working in some way, shape, or form at an embassy and consulate. honing my Arabic and being able to make a difference in international relations. I admit that it has been slow getting everything in order, and it still feels unreal even now as I write this, but I cannot wait for this amazing opportunity to begin.  I will be posting updates and travel spots on this blog, so please stay tuned and keep up with my adventures in the Middle East!

With one more year to go, I found myself trying everything in my power to stay at Longwood for as long as I can.  Freshman me would do the complete opposite, so I know I have grown even by acknowledging that.  I am now concerned with leaving a legacy behind, and trying to coach younger leaders into the roles that I will soon be leaving behind.  I hope I can make the Cormier Honors College proud especially.  It has done so much for me in these past few years.  I found a home, a family, a group filled with citizen leaders that dedicate their lives to academics and service.  I hope I can make that home feel like home to others, and use all of the skills I honed to leave both the Honors College and Longwood better than I found it as a lonely freshman.  So I carry on.

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New Reads for Summer

In order to bring you new and fun recreational reads, the Greenwood Library participates in a book leasing program through McNaughton. These titles are shelved on the small bookcases in the middle of the Atrium and are designated with green labels. You can browse the entire collection here and if you’re interested in what’s new, look out below!

Circe by Madeline MillerI've Got My Eyes on You by Mary Higgins ClarkCave of Bones by Anne HillermanThe Girl in the Moon by Terry GoodkindWarlight by Michael OndaatjeNoir by Christopher MooreA Higher Loyalty by James ComeyTo Die but Once by Jacqueline WinspearChasing Hillary by Amy ChozickBy Invitation Only by Dorothea Benton FrankVarina by Charles FrazierAs You Wish by Jude DeverauxThe Outsider by Stephen KingThe Recovering by Leslie JamisonHow to Walk Away by Katherine CenterShelter in Place by Nora RobertsThe Cast by Danielle SteelThe Other Lady Vanishes by Amanda QuickThe Overstory by Richard PowersHear My Heart by Billy Graham

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