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Archaeological Finds

Current Event Link: http://www.history.com/news/discoveries-of-mummy-filled-necropolis-cartouche-latest-egyptian-finds

While the Grand Egyptian Museum is under construction until next year, archaeologists discovered a necropolis in the city of Minya. This necropolis is special because until now the only necropolises found were filled with animal remains, but this one was filled with human mummies. These human mummies were supposedly not royalty but they were high up in the rankings being that their tombs were quite glamorous. This discovery happened just before the discovery of a cartouche underneath a home. The owners of the house were trying to conduct an illegal excavation and were arrested leaving the house to be taken over by the police. They found the cartouche and it had King Nectanebo II’s name carved on it. The cartouche could have possibly been a shrine to the late king being that it had the king’s name on it. The city in which it was found, Abydos, is one of the most sacred and oldest cities in Egypt. The discovery of these finds will add many exhibits to the Grand Egyptian Museum and it will help bring in the large number of visitors that the museum is expecting. Since the decline in tourists in 2011 because of the political revolution the finds will create tourism within Egypt.

Attached is a video showing the necropolis finding!

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Unconventional Grief

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For my first post, I would like to talk about something that not many people discuss: Unconventional grief, or grieving someone that is alive. I am considering becoming a grief counselor, so this is a very important topic to me. Normally people connect the word “grief” with sadness to the death of a loved one. However, people can go through just as serious of a grieving process when a loved one is becoming someone you no longer know or recognize.

Below is a short list of some common causes of unconventional grief:

  • Mental Illness
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Brain Injury
  • Family Trauma

It is important to remember that Unconventional Grief is a very real and pertinent form of grief that needs to be treated, addressed, and understood. 

This topic really stood out to me because grieving people that are still alive is never really considered when thinking about the word “grief”. If I want to get into the career of grief counseling, I must be prepared to deal with patients that are not only dealing with the death of loved ones, but also the loss of  someone that is alive. It is important to educate myself on all types of grief and how to properly handle each case.

Further information on Unconventional Grief can be found at:  http://thebereavementacademy.com/unconventional-grief-grieving-someone-alive/

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College Graduates Walk Out Of Commencement Ceremony

My academic career here at Longwood can be summed up as trial and error. I like most people pursuing a Liberal Studies degree, once wanted to be a teacher. When we figured out teaching wasn’t the path we wanted to take, it was a scramble to figure out what to do. Insert Liberal Studies degree and you are good to go. Most students want by the end of their time here at Longwood is to just graduate and leave. That is great, but what do we do once we graduate, how do we make a place for ourselves in this world, and what will be our legacy once we leave this place we once called home? I don’t have the answers to those questions, but the students of the graduating class of 2017 at The University of Notre Dame just might have them. The University of Notre Dame selected Vice President Mike Pence to be the commencement speaker for graduation. Students graduating were not happy about the selection of the commencement speaker and decided to do something about it. They were going to peacefully and silently walk out when VP Pence started his speech. Roughly a hundred students got up and left quietly once the commencement speech started. The students did not agree with the stance and governance relating to the policies of religion, race, and sexual orientation. These students stood up for what they believed in and left a legacy at their university.


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My Yellowstone Experience: Then and Now

I visited Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole with my family when I was 7 years old. While the trip had many highlights, what I most remember was complaining. I wanted to go to Disney World like other kids my age and I hated the fact that it was too cold to go to a swimming pool. Looking back on old photos, I regret the smug look I wore- probably from fighting with my older brother just before the photo was snapped or whining to my parents that I was bored. So here I am 12 years later, on a flight to Denver, Colorado where I will board another flight to Jackson, Wyoming where an exciting and exhausting week awaits. As a nearly 20 year old with many more years of education and life experience than 7 year old me, I am thrilled to be returning to the GYE. I am looking forward to seeing what I remember from my previous trip and to take advantage of all the opportunities to learn that I so defiantly missed as a child. I am eager to complete assignments and research in the field with my peers while maintaining a sense of wonder and excitement. I am most excited about the whitewater rafting trip and the meals shared with the YNP team in the community. This will be a life-changing week of learning and growth and I am excited to see what I will take away from this educational experience.

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Bestsellers of 2016

The news article in Publisher’s Weekly by Emma Kantor talks about the bestsellers in children’s books of 2016. They rank the books that sold over 100,000 copies in hardcover and paperback front lists or books that have been published less than a year ago and backlists, older books that have become popular or sold many copies again.

Some of the Hardcover Frontlists that sold more than 200,000 are works from J.K. Rowling. These include Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2, the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, illustrated by Jim Kay. Some of the hardcover books that sold more than 100,000 are Pete The Cat Storybook Collection by James Dean and Return to the Isle of the Lost (The Descendants 2) by Melissa de la Cruz. I am a fan of the Harry Potter series and will eventually read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I also read Isle of the Lost (The Descendants) in my Children’s Literature class my sophomore year.

Some Paperback Frontlists that sold more than 100,000 are Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, which I saw the movie and want to read the book, and The BFG by Ronald Dahl.





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About Me!

I am Branden Beasley, and I attend Longwood University. I am studying business administration with a Concentration in management. I am from Charlottesville, VA. I am a proud of where I am from, and the university that I represent. I enjoy learning about business management, and how to work with others even though we come from different backgrounds. I believe if we as students strive to work with others and do our best at what ever we do, we can be successful now and in the future. As we continue to use social media and technology we can advance our knowledge; especially for my field of study because if I can use technology efficiently, I can be a better worker and manager.

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The Adventure Begins

I am excited to begin this adventure in Yellowstone. I have not been on a plane in awhile so I am slightly nervous for that, but also excited to be up in the air and on my way to Jackson. I have never traveled out of the eastern time zone, so that is something that will be new for me. I am most excited to explore Yellowstone and all the amazing scenery and wildlife it has to offer. Also, I can’t wait to learn more about Yellowstone and the people in the surrounding areas, and hear first-hand accounts from them. I can’t wait to get on the plane!



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About Us: Meet Our Pack

Hello! I am Louise, I am 21 years old and I am from Chantilly, Virginia. I’m a Psychology major and I am double minoring in Biology and NeuroStudies. I signed up for this trip because everyone I had talked to that has been LOVED it and told me every minute is worth it. I am excited to travel out west because I haven’t traveled in that direction before and I am excited to learn more about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Hi there! My name is Meg and I am from southwest Virginia. I am also a rising Junior in the Nursing program. If I am being completely honest, I initially signed up for this course as a means of convenience. I needed to fulfill a general education goal and take an honors course before graduating. The YNP program was a way to knock out two birds with one stone so to speak. However, my initial motivation for taking the course completely changed after only the first pre-departure session. After learning the goals of the course and seeing the passion and excitement of the faculty, I became increasingly enthusiastic for the trip. I am so thankful and excited for this educational opportunity and I cannot wait to share it with my peers, the faculty, my family, the Longwood community and the general public!

Our pack is excited to explore multiple issues facing resource management with a focus on Wildfires. This blog will be our platform on which we share our research and experiences obtained through our involvement within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Thanks for viewing our blog and we encourage you to check out those belonging to our peers for a more in depth look into other resource issues.

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Under what circumstance should a grizzly be killed on public lands?

Under what circumstance should a grizzly be killed on public lands?

When an individual feels there is a cause or need ————————– A grizzly should never be killed on public land

Did you know that the federal government owns about 28% of the land in the United States? This is considered public land which ranchers and farmers use to allow livestock to graze and to farm the land. Issues arise when humans and wildlife inhabit the same area. Wildlife, specifically grizzly bears, are important to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The grizzly bear and grizzly bear management are the topics that cause controversy in the area, especially between people who feel strongly about the animals and the issues surrounding it. Some people feel that these animals are a threat to their livelihood, or that they are a nuisance and that if they are threatened or feel the cause or need, they should be allowed to take care of the problem themselves. Others feel that grizzlies should be left alone, that there is never a need or cause to kill a grizzly on public lands. With these two opposing views, it is difficult to come to an agreement on the proper management of these animals.

Grizzlies are currently under threat of being removed from the endangered species list, which would make them fair game to hunters and farmers. Many people from both sides feel strongly about this. The debate is between if the bear should be taken off the endangered list and as in any debate, there are differing views and opinions. Farmers who have livestock at risk of bear attack may feel differently than those who have little to lose from grizzlies.

Supporters for taking the grizzly bear off the endangered species list argue that they are a nuisance to livestock and require lethal means to safely and effectively deter the bears from the livestock. Continuing to leave the grizzly on the endangered list means individuals who are against the bears become frustrated because they are unable to legally hunt the animals. It’s possible that beginning to once more hunt these great bears will diminish the population again and cause the bears to become endangered (Quammen 2016). According to the National Park Service, humans have had a drastic effect on the bears in the past. Previously their endangerment was due to hunting, habitat loss due to human expansion, and alteration of habitat (National Park Service). By proceeding to remove the bears from the endangered species list and allowing hunting, the grizzlies could easily become endangered once more.

Alternative methods such as nuisance bear removal, can be done by trained officials to protect the overhunting of the grizzlies. Grizzlies are fully protected from hunting on Yellowstone National Park, yet the treatment of grizzlies is questioned on public lands. Ranchers and farmers use public lands as a place to allow their herds to graze. However, because grizzlies are predators, they pose a potential threat to cattle, sheep, and other livestock populations. Farmers lose money when their livestock is harmed by bears, and can become frustrated from the threat of a grizzly within close proximity. Waiting on a trained conservation officer to either safely relocate the bear or kill the bear if it is a problem may result in lost livestock for the rancher. If the farmer/rancher was to kill the bear themselves, it could save many lives of the livestock and save the rancher money and their livelihood. Unfortunately, this runs the risk of becoming out of control and permitting the death of too many bears.

To prevent the over-killing of the bears, limited hunting permits may be a potential measure to take to restrict ranchers from over-using the power of killing bears to protect their livestock. There could be many potential ways to prevent the over-hunting of the grizzlies. The question stands, if we start to hunt the grizzlies for protection, will they become over-hunted and harm the population regardless of protective measures? There are many things that will remain unknown until policies are put into place and America is who has to make the decision over what will be done.



National Park Service. (n.d.). Grizzly Bears. Retrieved May 19, 2017, from https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/nature/grizzlybear.htm

Quammen, D. (2016). Yellowstone’s Future Hangs on a Question: Who Owns the West? Retrieved May 19, 2017, from http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/05/yellowstone-national-parks-part-3/






MATTSON, D. (1991). Conservation of the yellowstone grizzly bear. Conservation Biology, 5(3), 364-372. doi:10.1111/j.1523-1739.1991.tb00150.x

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