3 thoughts on “Transgendered Students – Names/Pronouns

  1. Knowing that Institutions such as the University that Logan attends is on the way to making these positive changes for transgender people makes me feel hopeful. I find it so heartbreaking that Logan had to experience so much anxiety and stress all because the university was not identifying him as the person he wanted to be. I think that everyone can understand the importance of self- identity and for others to call you something that you are not can make you feel lost and misunderstood. I can understand Logan’s struggle on a much smaller scale. I have been called by my middle name ever since I can remember. Even my parents called my by that name, so I build my identity around my name. I am Paige Ritchie, Not Olivia. So every new school year when my teacher and professors call role, they say my first name. That’s not me. Most teachers remember to call me “Paige” but others forget and it makes me feel unappreciated and negatively affects my experience in the classroom. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Logan. The language we use everyday has an affect and takes a large role in creating gender identities.

  2. Although Logan’s situation is a very heart breaking story, I find hope within his struggle. Because he was outed he has paved the way for his university to acknowledge transgender people and their choice of preferred identity. It is very encouraging to see an institution of higher learning making strides in accepting all its students and working to make everyone’s experience a pleasurable one. With the new policies that are being put into place, transgender individuals at Western will be able to experience life the way they want without being ridiculed or harmed for it. It is a liberating experience that will make the transition for many transgendered individuals easier. By changing the language used to identify these individuals, the future looks bright. Although Logan had to suffer in order for these changes to come about, I know that he is grateful for the opportunity to live life the way he wants with the gendered identity he defines himself with.

  3. I think it is very sad that Logan had to go through all of this trouble to change his name. If Logan was not ready to share with his peers that he was transgender this could make this extremely uncomfortable for him.

    Just like the couple in the Chapter five lecture, it should have been easier for Logan to make changes to his name. When the man in the online lecture was accused of identity fraud I was completely shocked. When I hear about situations like this I am shocked because I don’t understand why it is such a big deal. Then I have been referring back to the double why. So once I have this initial reaction I ask myself again, “Why do you feel this way?” My answer is simple. I was raised to not judge someone based on their sex and their gender even if the two don’t match up bases on society’s standards.

    Language defines women and men so for this boy to be called a female when he was clearly stating that he was male is absolutely not far. And although, the changes that were made gave Logan hope for the future it was such a shame that he was the one that had to grow through it first.

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