2 thoughts on “Not A Feminist? Caitlin Moran Asks, Why Not?

  1. I agree with William when he says that the term feminist has gotten quite a bad reputation with this generation of young adults. I remember in my women and gender studies class how on the first day Dr. Tracy asked us what is a feminist. A lot of the answers received were dirty, butchy, hairy, loud, forceful, and hate men. None of those are true. Being a feminist means supporting women’s equality. So a lot of people do not know that they are actually a feminist. Until I took my first gender class I too did not realize that I was a feminist. I think approaching feminism with humor is genius! Most people can appreciate a good sense of humor, which lightens up this topic a bit, while also showing people what feminism is all about!

  2. I really enjoy how Moran approaches this topic. I agree that humor is definitely one of the best ways to get people to change their viewpoints of things, especially when the ideas are so ingrained for some people. I like how she questions people who don’t consider themselves feminists because I think a lot of people are confused about what it actually means. Especially among those my age, the word really has gotten a bad undertone attached to it so I wonder if the word feminist may need to be included in the language that needs to be changed in order to promote gender equality. I think it’s going to be really hard to get a young man to identify himself as a feminist as long as most of the word “feminine” is included in the term, even if he does believe in what feminism promotes. This relates back to what boys are expected to be like when growing up as anything but feminine. Or maybe there shouldn’t be a label at all. I believe in equality for homosexuals, but there is no label I feel I need to have for that. I believe in equality for all ethnicities and races, but there is no label I feel I need to give myself for that either. I think the label “decent human being” works just as well.

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