Girls & Math/Science/Technology Education

Here are a couple of recent articles about girls and math/science/technology education:

International Day of the Girl: Why Science & Math Programs Matter

Make Britain Count: Are girls really worse at math than boys?

This is the White House outreach program to encourage girls in STEM education discussed in the online lecture.

One thought on “Girls & Math/Science/Technology Education

  1. In response to the article, “Make Britain Count: Are girls really worse at math than boys,” I believe that culture is responsible. As Dr. Naomi spoke about the Barbie that stated math class is tough, coincidentally the article spoke about that too, culture has created a negative image for girls and math, even other subjects such as science.

    However, if women do excel in math, they can experience that “double bind” we learned about previously. But overall, women are more likely to be encouraged to take lower paying jobs because of this stigma that women are not great at math and science. This pertains to the culture of romance as well because these women are influenced to not study and go out and ultimately, will lead them to lower paying jobs because they did not excel at math and science.

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