3 thoughts on “Does Fatherhood Make You Healthy?

  1. This article proved to be very interesting. I do agree that men seem to be healthier when they are fathers, but not just physically. I think being a father brings on a new kind of health that is beneficial mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Being a father gives men a reason to be compassionate without looking soft, be childlike without being immature, and show overwhelming love without being scolded by their friends. Being a father opens up a gate that allows men to touch base with their emotional side. The only time I have seen my father cry was during huge events that my siblings and I have gone through. LIke my senior dance recital. My dad could not stop crying because he realized how grown up I was and he has been with me every step of the way! He never missed a dance recital, so it was almost like he was saying goodbye to dancing as well. I don’t know if it can be proven that being a father can definitely help your physical health, but I do believe it can be the key to finding happiness and love. Parents often say their is no love like the love you have for your child, which is why I think it brings mental and emotional health.

  2. What an enlightening article. I liked how the article would quote something, and prove it false. Such as this paragraph “The idea that a man’s behavior is directly related to whether his testosterone is a little higher or lower is simply false.”
    I think this is relatable to “being aggressive” and “being sexual” masculine gender roles that Dr. Julia T. Wood talks about in our textbook.
    The aggressiveness masculine code tells men to fight, defeat others, endure pain, and win win win! The sexual masculine code says that he more sexual partners a man has, the more of a stud he is.
    I feel like the testosterone study and the two masculine codes could be related back to men in college. They are suppose to be aggressive with each other and while playing sports, and also sleep with women on the weekend. More than once I’ve overheard conversations and girls say “He must have a lot of testosterone, he’s lifting a lot of weight.” or “He had sex with two women in one night, that’s a lot of testosterone.”
    Next time I hear that, I will pull up this article and prove that is not true.

  3. How interesting! I really enjoy how this article challenged the study it is based on. The original study rose a lot of questions for me. There is no doubt that becoming a mother causes serious changes in a woman’s body, but I never considered the effect it could have on a man. How could they become less susceptible to cardiovascular disease, when nothing changes in the mans body? I really enjoy that the article ends explaining more logical reasons why the results of this study are as such. I feel it would be a good thing for men without children to read, it may not make them want to run out and procreate but perhaps it would open their eyes to simple ways to be more healthy.

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