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Until I can figure out how to archive this site, it needs to stay active.  So here’s a bump post.

Progress Update

April 12, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Our attendee dialog is finally set up. The only remaining step is to connect it back to the publish-to-docker plugin in a list of attendees. I have uploaded pictures of how everything looks so far.

I was able to get most of the basic attendee class defined and working today. There are a few kinks still needed to be worked out but the next major step is linking it to the publish-to-docker plugin for practical use.


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to give this project the time I’ve wanted to due to other deadlines this past week. I’m ready to begin again though, which is what I’ve been doing this week. I’m continuing my progress with the “list of attendees” and I hope to have something substantial to post here by this weekend.

Spring Break

March 12, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Spring Break has started and I’ve been taking it easy these past few days, but I wanted to get another update on here so the lapse in posts aren’t too large.

After familiarizing myself with QTE for KDE development my next goal is to incorporate a “list of attendees” to calander events in Dr. Marmorstein’s publish-to-docker plugin.

I’ll be working on this project over the next couple of weeks and will post updates accordingly.

I started working throught the basics of KDE4 programming tutorials. This is to give me some background knowledge of graphical programming for KOffice.

I ran into a couple snags but I was able to work through most of them. I also read over the KOffice overview on plugin types.

Progress Update

February 28, 2012 | 2 Comments

I just wanted to post a quick update as to what I’ve been up to. By the end of last week I managed to have a working priority slider implemented in the publish-to-docker plugin. This gave me my first real taste of working with open source software.

This week I am attempting to incorporate a list of attendees option for calendar events in publish-to-docker.

I made my first diff for the fixes from the past two weeks and submitted it to git.reviewboard.kde.org for approval. The diff was made viewable to major KOffice developers: Dr. Robert Marmorstein and Thomas Zander.

I did more exploring in the kotext library to fix more warnings. I made changes specifically to the KParagraphStyle.cpp (in styles directory) and KTextBlockBorderData.cpp.

In KParagraphStyle.cpp I removed the offending lines of code dealing with the declared but not used ‘hasMarginLeft’ and ‘hasMarginRight’ variables in the loadOdfProperties() function.

In KTextBlockBorderData.cpp I removed the unused ‘bounds’ variable in the paint() function.

I also looked over the koffice overview document.

As part of getting myself more aquainted with the source code for KOffice I attempted to fix one of the many compiler warnings, which were mostly just complaints about unused variables or parameters.

The file I edited was KRTree.h in the flake directory, which serves as a KDE’s template for R-tree data structures, which are used in spatial searching.

In the updateBoundingBox() function in the template I commented out a seemingly superfluous variable declaration and set. It appears to have been meant to serve as saving the old bounding box before it gets updated. However, it is not used again in the function.