Copy Editor for Pearson textbooks

What did I do?

I was a copy editor for Pearson Higher Education. In this role, I was asked to redesign the menus and edit the Documents section of the electronic textbook: Professional Writing Online 3rd Edition. The process was completed using the textbook itself and Microsoft Word.

As an intern, I did the following:

  • Performed a thorough analysis of over 200 pages of technical documentation multiple times.
  • Provided notes for content and technical revisions.
  • Prepared a 291-page report of editing recommendations and examples of fully edited content.
  • Transmitted the report along with a detailed log of the hours spent working on the internship and a letter explaining my process in editing.

What did I learn?

The most important thing that I learned was that a concentration in Rhetoric and Professional Writing provided me with the skill needed to fuel my lifelong passion. I was able to take the training I received and apply it to my career as the Managing Editor and Writer at Transient Light Studios; a graphic arts and video game developer.

Every class in the concentration, along with every class I took at Longwood University, gave me both the finesse and versatility needed to fit into a variety of professional environments.

How did I find it?

When I was taking Professional Writing (ENG-470), the textbook was one of the resources we were using. Within two weeks, the entire class began to pick up on a variety of issues, and I began to collect notes on them. I brought those to Dr. Lettner-Rust, who was teaching the class, and she took it upon herself to get in touch with a representative of Pearson to bring the problems to their attention.

A few emails later, they had agreed to let me use the text as a part of my client project, and by early the following summer, I was offered an internship with Pearson Higher Education. Dr. Lettner-Rust’s persistence in contacting Pearson gave me an opportunity to show what skills I had gained in my pursuit of an English degree, and to further hone them with direct application.

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