I am a senior environmental science major here at Longwood University. I have a concentration in earth science focusing on hydrology, as well as, a minor in business administration. I have done well academically and will graduate in December with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude). I am currently involved in multiple academic research studies, have been involved in multiple conference presentations, and I am also in the process of publishing one of the studies with the help of my faculty advisor and research partner.

In academics and my personal life I enjoy anything thing that provides a challenge. The more something tends to make me think, the more I enjoy it. That’s one reason why I think I’m interested in the environment, because it is truly a complex system that we are still learning about. To name specific topics, I am curious about water, natural resource management, urban and agricultural management, environmental economics, and overall environmental health. It seems like a lot, but it all goes hand-in-hand.

In the future, maybe in the distant future, I hope to go to graduate school and get a doctorate, potentially doing research into water resource management or urban management. I have also been toying with the idea of becoming an environmental engineer, though that would definitely be a long and arduous process. Professionally, I hope to follow along the same line, potentially doing work in urban environments to utilize natural systems to have healthier, more nature friendly cities. I would also be interested in doing research work within watersheds or work in ArcGIS (broadly defined as a map making software).

This course focuses on being present online and with social media, which is important whether trying to push/support an environmental idea/movement or to be seen by potential employers and the like. Personally, I know being present online has helped me to get my current job working at an engineering firm. They chose me, in part, because all of my academic achievements and accomplishments which are present on my LinkedIn profile in great detail. I am interested in seeing if this course puts forth recommendations on how to be present in social media to see if I can enhance that “version” of myself.

The goal of my blog is to promote thought on the environment and identity and to see how media plays into all of that. I hope to show people how social media can benefit the environment by highlighting important issues.


-Kaitlyn Dobyns

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