Ideological Criticism: Canadian Politics

  1. The selected artifact I will be discussing falls under the category of print materials from a particular campaign. This is technically a political controversy, as Canada’s current prime minister (Justin Trudeau) and his family visit India. Instead of acting as a typical Canadian family, they decided to adopt Indian customs into their visit. Many Canadian citizens found this act embarrassing, and unorthodox. I will discuss the implications of this action and viral print images.

2) a. Presented Elements these are the basic, obvious messages that the photos are portraying. For these pictures it is obvious that:

  • Justin is in India.
  • They are not in Canada.
  • He is with his family, wife and three kids
  • He is not visibly Indian.
  • He is wearing Indian clothes.
  • There is no one from Indian decent that is encouraging this behavior.
  • They are wearing something around their necks.
  • They are adopting Indian customs of prayer.
  • Justin is praying with his family.

b. Suggested Elements: these are not so obvious, sometimes opinion based observations that can be made from photos, and knowledge about the situation. They are inferences.

  • Justin is being ignorant by wearing traditional Indian clothing, and not being Indian
  • Justin is praying at an Indian mosque, although he is not part of the religion. This can be perceived as ignorant.
  • Justin is not doing this by himself, his whole family is doing this. This is thus a larger scope of ignorance, since it is multiple adults who have committed this decision.
  • Justin is embarrassing Canada by wearing this outfit, and acting in this way.
  • Justin is simply emerging himself into Indian culture.
  • Justin is trying his best as Canada’s prime minister to keep international trade at peace.
  • Justin is wrecking international trade relationships.

3. This photo collage of Justin Trudeau’s trip to India creates a multifaceted ideology involving the controversy that it is potential ignorance of another culture, or simply international trade relationship building through circular actions. By analyzing the presented elements, and suggested elements, it becomes clear that there are two opposing sides to  Justin Trudeau’s actions, that both have detrimental effects on Canada as a country.

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2 Responses to Ideological Criticism: Canadian Politics

  1. Morgan Pearce says:

    I agree that difference of opinions based on international relations is an ideology that can represent multiple views. Your suggested elements are insightful and informative which allows me to fully understand your analysis. Also, your background information is the perfect amount so that I understand who the people in the image are, the audience, and the situation.

  2. Abby says:

    Hey Charleigh, excellent artifact!

    I think this is really good since there is definitely an presented element that Justin is trying to exude, but it is obviously failing quite miserably since what is implied/suggested is not to his favor.

    Though it is with good intentions, and one can immerse themselves in a culture, to take on certain aspects and use them as an outward display is veeeeery inappropriate -especially when it is only for show and not taken seriously.

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