ParkingBrock Commons Garage

*We will send you the parking garage code in an email.

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To reach the Brock Commons Garage

From Main Street by the Southgate Center (CVS, Verizon): To reach the Brock Commons Garage on the Longwood University Campus, you will turn off Main Street on to Redford Street across from McDonald’s restaurant. Travel about 2 blocks and you will arrive at the garage entrance.

Walking from the the Brock Commons Garage to Ruffner and Blackwell Halls: Guests may use the elevator located near the garage entrance to reach the Brock Commons Pedestrian Mall.  Once on the mall, walk to the right.  Proceed to the water fountain at Beale Plaza. Turn right and go straight ahead to the Maugans Alumni Center. Blackwell Hall can be accessed through the Maugans Alumni Center.