Hello World!

I was asked to explain a situation where I had to work with a team to meet a common goal. I choose to talk about my current situation in one of my classes, social justice in print media. Where we had to get into groups depending on what social justice topic we wished to talk about. I choose the group discussing Legalization of Marijuana rights. My group involved two other classmates, Amber and Darian, and we’ve have been working together all semester to prove our case. We show great communication when discussing assignments or artistic ideas, as well as great team work when we do not let just one person do all the work. This is a group effort and we all understand that we need to put in the work as a team to create the best outcome for our project. We started with coming up with ideas for posters, how we should address the subject and what we wanted our message to say. We continued with talking about how are message is to fight for the right to smoke freely. Because of its medical use that’s been proven on our society, as well as the amount of money our government can prosper from legalization. So far, it has been going really well. We are more than half way through the semester, with only our big presentation left for us to do for our final. The thing that helped our group work best was communication and actual hard work. ~G