Dr. Bjornsen grew up in multicultural central New Jersey. His mother’s ethnic heritage was German from immigrants who settled in Wisconsin. His father’s parents immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s from Copenhagen, Denmark. He spent most of his youth playing sports and traveling from the Florida Keys and the Bahamas to Nova Scotia. All of the above strongly affected his interest in cultural differences in people’s attitudes and behaviors and how they live their lives. He graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia with a B.S. in psychology in 1982, and received his Ph.D. in General Psychology in 1992 from Virginia Commonwealth University. He taught for two years at a small college in Georgia before coming to Longwood University in 1995. Each year he teaches courses in Introduction to Psychology, Infant and Child Development, Adolescent and Adult Development, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Sex and Gender, and the Psychology of Social Media. Dating back to graduate school, his research has focused on emotional and personality maturation during adolescence and emerging adulthood. Since 2014 he has conducted research on Mobile Social Media use and its relation to positive and negative characteristics of emerging adults. Since 2016 he has conducted research on the overdiagnosis of psychological disorders and healthy and unhealthy responses to the experience of psychological problems. Dr. Bjornsen regularly presents the results of his research, conducted in collaboration with Longwood University students and colleagues from other countries, at major national and international scientific conferences. Along with his recent publications in the journals Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology (STLP)Personality Assessment, and Human Technology, as well as his book chapter Social Media Use and Emerging Adulthood. Dr. Bjornsen also serves as a reviewer and action editor for manuscripts submitted for publication in numerous peer-reviewed journals.

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