Internship Journal 4

A few classes that have prepared me for this internship would be: digital editing classes, Persuasion Theory, Social and digital media technologies, and public speaking.

My digital editing classes have provided me with the skills necessary to use most editing softwares.  Not only the mechanics and technical aspects, but how to make videos look good so they are appealing to a specific audience. This class also taught me how important organization is when making videos. It’s very easy to lose material when you do not place and name files appropriately.  Persuasion theory, while it did not teach me any softwares, taught me how to understand my audience. This is a very important  and often overlooked aspect of creating instructional videos. You have to know what you’re talking about so your audience trusts you. Persuasion theory taught me ethos and logos and how to use them to my advantage from an instructional standpoint. This class also taught me ethics of persuasion. There is a method in capturing your audience, and you must balance your ethos and logos with ethical decisions.  Another class that has contributed towards my internship work is social and digital media technologies. This class made me more comfortable around a computer and social media, which is the whole nature of this internship.  Additionally, this class taught me about branding and honing in on your “voice”.  In making these videos, I have targeted a niche audience. Longwood University is now my public, so understanding that relationship has shaped my voice and the way I create tutorials. I’m not necessarily  marketing or using social media to create a profit, but understanding media technologies and the relationship with the audience is key.  Finally, a class that has helped me in my internship so far would be public speaking. I’m speaking over all of my videos and that requires confidence in yourself. Public speaking helped me gain that confidence and showed me the importance of writing out what you say before you say it.