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The Chinese Dream – Zhōngguó mèng

In the mysterious world of Chinese politics, slogans matter. They are the words that are meant to convey a leader’s vision for the country. The first reference to the Chinese Dream was made in November 2012 by Xi Jinping. After he became president in 2013. He used the term numerous times, with the goal to make China the world’s dominant power. But what does the Chinese Dream actually mean? Over time, the process of defining the Chinese Dream has become clear. It means: “realizing the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation and the happiness of the people”. The adoption of Chinese nationalist ideologies has increased to accomplish the rejuvenation of the nation, this expresses itself in more (military) nationalism of the people.

The three parts are displayed as a photo essay in separate albums.

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The Chinese Dream – Realizing prosperity of the country

The Chinese Dream – Realizing rejuvenation of the nation

The Chinese Dream – Realizing the happiness of the people

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