Second Blog: Special Experience

I believe in learning as many strategies to help teach children in special education as you can and know it as well as you can to be able to re-teach it to your students.  If special educators do not know the strategies and techniques to help their students then when will have a very hard time being a good teacher.  Also, in the future the greatest issue will remain how to teach students with disabilities the basic skills and learning strategies they need to become independent learners, at the same time helping them meet the demands of the regular classroom and standards-bases curriculum.

Since the second grade I knew I wanted to be a teacher, this was because of two boys in my class the struggled academically and I was assigned me help tutor them before school.  This was a very rewarding experience because soon after I began tutoring their grades increased.  Therefore, I decided then I would become a teacher to help children like these boys.

I am proud to say that to this day I still feel the same way about teaching and how rewarding it is.  I would not switch shoes with anyone in the world.


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