I Believe In Myself

Jahleel Gardner
I believe my hard work will not go to waste. The things that I’ve learned from this first semester have given me the weapons I need to fight for a better future for special education in schools. I’ve been through so many experiences with children of special needs, whether it was an autistic camp or simply taking care of my mentally incapable foster brother. This class however, has opened my eyes to how large the education community really is and how much work is put into it. This really does make me smile that our field of study has people like Dr. Meese that are so passionate about what she teaches and this shows how people of my field have the biggest hearts.
This class is step beyond just loving children of special needs, because it taught me the politics and legal hardships that families with children of special needs go through. From the construction of IDEA, I learned the guidelines that deem a child as special needs. Prior to this class, I was ignorant in thinking that only severe forms of mentally incapability qualified as special needs, but I have come to learn that from children with ADHD to children with a Hearing Impairments are in need of further assistant. The basis for aiding a child in the school curriculum was established in my brain as a condition that adversely affects academic performance. Now that I have proper education of special education and the rigorous things that goes into the course, my passion is becoming justified by my acquisition of knowledge.
During my advisor meeting, My when my advisor asked if I’m sure I want to major in special education, that was the easiest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. Going through this class reassured commitment to pursuing special education as my career. I will continue to work until I can proudly say; I’ve made a positive impact in the special education community. I love my major and this I Believe!

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