I Believe in Collaboration

When I was a second semester junior, I switched to
the Special Education program. On the first day of class I entered the
classroom for my Sped 202 class- Intro into Special Education. When I sat down I
realized that this class was full of first year students and I immediately began
to regret my decision. I became overwhelmed with the idea that I had started
over this late in my college career. It is now the end of the semester and I
could not be happier that I switched my major to special education. Sped 202
has taught me so much information and has helped me to develop my personal
philosophy about special education.

I believe the most interesting thing that I have
learned is the effect of inclusion and collaboration in a general education
classroom. This can have an amazing impact on a classroom. If collaboration/
co-teaching are done the correct way, students will not be able to tell the
difference between the general educator and the special educator. This is great
because the students who are placed in special education will not be signaled
out. This team of teacher’s works together to plan all learning activities. One
thing that I have learned about collaboration is that you have to have constant
communication with all teachers. I learned this when I had to personally
interview a special education teacher. This was very good advice that I
received and will use in the future.

Another interesting thing that I learned is that
even though a student is placed in special education that does not mean that
they have poor cognitive abilities. All students have their own case and IEP
that a special educator has to look at and develop a plan of action on how to
best educate this student. I have learned that every student is different even
if they are diagnosed with the same disability. Every child learns differently.
When I become a special educator I want to do everything possible for my
students to receive the best quality education. I believe that special
education is a career for someone who is passionate and dedicated and I believe
that I have made the right choice in switching my career path.

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  1. Jonathan Sharpe says:

    I really liked reading this one of yours, Hannah! Try not to focus too much on how old your classmates are and capitalize too much on how you decided late to be a special educator. Think about your strengths and abilities and how you can use them to help your future students out. I hope it works out well for you. So far. how are you enjoying it now?

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