Personal Beliefs on Special Education

I believe that Special Education is gives children that are unable to fulfill their full potential in school because of a disability.

Since I was in elementary school I was in special education with a learning disability.  Everyday was a struggle before I was diagnosed, after my IEP plan kicked in I started to be pulled out of class during English also I started working with a tutor after school.  This all was to help me cope and learn skills to help me be successful in school.

I believe if I did not have an IEP I would not be here today, when my mother went to school in Chicago, Illinois they were not diagnosing as well as they do today, she struggled in school and after graduation high school she did not go on to further her education.   Just remembering back to when I was growing up listening to her read to me she stumbled over a few words here and there, as I do now, I believe she could have a learning disability and if she was in special education growing up she could if she wished gone on to college.

Special Education is full of many different children with a roller coaster of ranges on disabilities, from being watched all day to just seeing the child at an IEP meeting.

All children in Special Education should be in their least restricted environment and always planning for the future.  If I child can not be in a classroom that we call normal when they should still be in the school and around kids their age and be included as much as they can be.  This is called inclusion and I think it is the best for these children; if they just have lunch and physical education or recess with kids their ages they can learn how to interact and help them became more social, if that is an issue.

Inclusion is very important with children with server disabilities it does not just help the children in special education it also help the regular education students learn about them and see how they are not much different from them.

Every child in Special Education is different but they all just need support to succeed.  The Special Education teachers are the ones who will always be there with support no matter how far the children are from their goals and no matter how old they get, teachers, just like their parents, will be there.  I know this for a fact I all the special educators I worked with throw out my time in school still ask about me and I will still from time to time go visit.  I hope when I become a teacher the same will happen to me and I know that I will always be there for my students even after they move on.


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2 Responses to Personal Beliefs on Special Education

  1. Colleen McDermott says:

    Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Tonia E. U. says:

    Good luck, I am sure you will make a good special education teacher.

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