Lauretta Bender’s this I believe…

Lyndsay Lipps

I believe that there is a cure for children with schizophrenia. My name is Lauretta Bender and I have been working with children with Schizophrenia and traumatic brain injuries for years now. I wanted to start researchin g children because of my own disabilities that I faced. When I was younger I had a hard time reading and writing. However, I didn’t let that stop me for reaching my fullest potential as a human being. I went to school at Iowa State University and got my M.D. for children’s neuropsychiatry. I now work at the Bellevue hospital in New York.

Here at Bellevue I began researching different ways to cure children with Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental disturbance that causes a child to not be able to tell what is real. A lot of the children that I worked with see hallucinations or cannot seem to think logically with what is going on. I have attached a source for more information on Schizophrenia through this link. Many of these children’s parents have let me with the care of their child for me to try and find a cure for them. My main goal in life is to be able to find a way to make these children normal even if finding the cure seems bizarre or unrealistic to others.

One of my main studies for children with schizophrenia is the Electroconvulsive therapy. What is done during ECT is a tiny amount of electricity is sent to a patience brain. The electricity then causes a seizure or convulsion. After the first few treatments the children seem distant. At first it seemed like it was working, however the children seemed to get more aggressive and violent over time. I have also experimented with using the drug LSD on children, however the government quickly shut this research down for the fact they were scared others would become addicted to the drug.  I am also looking into other types of therapy to help these children. One way I am able to tell if there is something wrong with a child is by using shapes. I have constructed a test called the Bender Visual Motor Gestalt test and it consists of the children drawing different shapes to see how there brain is functioning. If a child is ten and drawing pictures that a two year old would draw then that child could potential have a mental disorder.

I am doing my best to try and figure out what causes children with mental disturbances to act the way they do. So far I am getting the sense that it is from a past tragedy, abuse or just genetically brought down. I know that children with mental disturbance can be cured and I will search for ways to help them even if it does not in the end help them. I believe that I can help them to one day be normal, because they deserve to be able to live their life to their fullest potential. This is I believe.

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