Historical Blog: Anne Sullivan

I believe in patience. Every goal is achieved through time, effort, and heart. Working with Helen Keller was a prime example on how patience is key to success. I was not only determined to help her achieve the most normal life possible, but to teach and guide her into reaching her full human potential. Helen was definitely a struggle, but with the constant practice, and effort on both parts, we were able to begin learning, speaking, and simply living.  Helen not only benefited from this process of reaching her full potential as an individual, but I did as well. Patience in every situation is the key to success.

Children need more guidance and understanding, not just strict instruction. My point of view is that people think that children are incompetent, and need to be taught how to think. On the contrary though, children need to figure out their own ways of thinking. With guidance and practice, they will form their own instructions. Sometimes student may form the wrong instructions, which will lead them to failure. Failure should be only considered failure if the child did not learn from their mistakes.

Failure is another component of success. Without failure, we would not know what success is. Learning from our mistakes is how to overcome failure. Failure is not something to have a negative perspective on, but something to think about and learn how to prevent. No body is perfect; therefore the only way to give failure a positive outcome is to learn from our mistakes.


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