Protective Parents

October 12th, 2012

Parents of young teens that are 13 or younger are trying to restrict their children from creating Facebook accounts. Who can blame them? With children becoming more social media literate, they are finding ways to cheat the parenting system. More and more parents are finding that their young children are creating Instagram accounts instead of Facebook.

Although both Facebook and Instagram you have to technically be 13 to create and account, children are finding ways to cheat the system. Just like Facebook, Instagram allows for communication between followers.  Users can post pictures and share pictures, while allows others to comment and like them.

Parents are concerned with their young teenage children becoming involved in in not only Facebook, but now Instagram. Many parents believe that their children that are younger than 13 are far to young to be posting pictures and information on the internet for all to see. Parents are also afraid that their children will experince bullying that they are not ready to handle

Although parents do not approve of their children having these social media sites, they are making it easier and easier for their children to create this sites by buying them i pads,i pods, and smart phones.


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Libby Morris

2 Responses to “Protective Parents”

  1. Mary Ciucci on October 19, 2012 12:42 PM

    I am glad you shed light on how easy parents are making it for children to open these accounts. If they don’t want them having Facebook and Instagram, why do they provide cell phones, ipods with wifi access, and tablets? All it takes is a more strict form of monitoring, but parents are too busy now to do that. It sickens me the amount of children that stay home alone at a young age. Parents are basically leaving the door to these opportunities wide open. If the rules for no Facebook and Instagram aren’t being strictly enforced, then the children will still make these accounts. It really comes down to how serious are the parents about preventing these?

  2. Lawson Baber on October 24, 2012 12:09 PM

    Agreed, these are the same parents who blame video games for violent behavior in their children after buying a ten year old Mortal Combat. These parents are refusing to accept responsibility and that is the biggest problem with families these days.

    However, i can completely understand not wanting a child to be out there on the internet. The internet is basically the wilderness and with all the stories of child predators out there i wouldn’t want my child online at 13.

    All of this is just my opinion however

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