What is Music?

Music is a language. Music creates feelings and expresses emotions with each word or sound. Cultures thrive and form identities through music. Though all music is not the same, we as people can understand the message being portrayed  even without knowing or understanding the words. Music is a universal language. It should be something that brings everyone closer together. After all, we all naturally react to music when we hear it. Whether it is the tapping of a foot or bobbing of the head.

Music has been around for thousands of years and has been a tool of creativity and self expression. It is much like an artist who paints pictures to convey a message or feeling. Music does that same thing, but with harmonies and lyrics. We rely on music to entertain us and maintain our well-being. Hearing another culture’s music can help us connect with each other, which I believe is our duty as humans. We all share this earth and it is important to make connections. Different people gravitate towards different music and if we can understand why, then we begin to understand each other and our purpose. We are naturally dependent on people and to form bonds so why not use music as a catalyst to do so?

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