Tenure review is based on a significant period of full time teaching, scholarship and service. Tenure review is a one-time process. A candidate may withdraw but may not reenter the process. The probationary period for tenure shall be six years. Procedures for tenure consideration specified in Appendix D (p. 239) occur during the probationary faculty member’s sixth year of employment, with tenure normally awarded to successful candidates at the beginning of their seventh year of full time employment. Only years under a full time contract shall satisfy this requirement; periods of academic leave or part time employment shall not count. At the time a faculty member is appointed to a tenure-track position, he/she may seek up to three years credit toward tenure based upon prior teaching, scholarship and service. The PVPAA may grant such credit upon the recommendation of the department chair and the department tenure committee, and with the approval of the dean. Credit towards tenure shall be written into the faculty member’s initial tenure track contract and will be irrevocable. A faculty member who requests and receives credit towards tenure may not rescind this request at a later date. For faculty members without prior teaching experience, tenure review is to be concurrent with application for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor. Exceptions to this policy must be specified in a faculty member’s initial contract.    Faculty Policy and Procedures Manual


Promotion decisions are made by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (PVPAA), subject to approval by the President and the Board of Visitors, upon the recommendation of the appropriate college dean, the department chair, and the department promotion committee. These recommendations must comply with the criteria in this section and follow the time table and the procedures set forth in Appendices B and C (p. 232). The promotion section (page 116) in the Longwood Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual.


*Typically, tenure- track faculty are recommended for tenure and promotion at the same time.