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Mnemonics- Using Music to Memorize

It is finals week and you’re loaded with a lot of information to memorize in just a matter of a few short days. You’ve been studying your butt off but you’re just not containing the information. What do you do? Well, one method that you can use to study is to make a song out […]

The Influence of Bollywood on Consumers

 The Influence of Bollywood on Consumers        Do you ever get the desire to do something or buy a product just because you saw it on the big screen? Producing almost 1,500 movies in 2012, India’s film industry is now worth over 2 billion dollars and has an enormous influence over its consumers. … Continue reading

Religion In Hip-Hop Culture

Religion has always been a part of African American culture in every aspect of life and played an important role. The most important influence that religion had on African American culture was through music. Music in many years has transformed from work songs to gospel hymns to rhythm and blues to finally hip-hop and rap […]

P2P File Sharing and Music

  All of the people of the world listen and exchange music in different ways. It has almost entirely been by oral tradition that lets music shift down generations and gets heard by the people. But music in our generation isn’t all performed live, it is recorded and sold. This has created a very new […]

Enculturation in Ghana

In America, it is out of the ordinary for a group of people to break out into song.  We would assume that a surprise performance is taking place or even a once in a life time flash mob was being performed.  Out of the ordinary performances such as a flash mob is exciting to us […]

The Effect of Music on Physical Performance

The idea of being able to boost your performance, whether it is during a simple work out or a game scenario, has intrigued athletes for quite some time now. Athletes all over the world are looking for a competitive edge in order to defeat their opponent or to just improve their own performance. Music is […]

Hick Hop

Imagine it. You’ve got your windows down in summer rush hour traffic, listening to some good old country music to soothe your mind after the long day at work. You’ve become accustomed to the smooth sound of the mandolin and find yourself singing along to one or two songs on the local country station. Eventually, […]

New Orleans: Birthplace of Jazz Music

It is difficult to think about New Orleans without associating it with music.  Music has shown to be an influential tool throughout history. It has the ability to bring people together regardless of their race, color, or background.  New Orleans is considered to be the birthplace of jazz. The residents of New Orleans hold jazz […]

How Music Helps You Focus

How Music Helps You Focus   The brain tends to wander a lot and there are certain ways that someone can help the brain focus more on the right things when needed. Music is one of those things, and the right kind of music can help the brain focus more and wander less. The most […]

Dave Matthews South African Influence

Melodies and harmony can capture the ear of the listener, and allow his or her mind to take them to another time or place. A yule-tide favorite might make you think of a past Christmas, or bird calls can remind you of spring. In the words of Dave Matthew’s “harmony and melodies are already inside […]