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The Phenomenon of Throat-Singing

  Below is definitely one of the more memorable videos from class and my previous blog.  As unique as the performance is, the Inuit are not the only groups with this throat-singing tradition.   The Basics   Throat-singing is a “guttural style of singing or chanting” and “one of the world’s oldest forms of music” […]

Say, What Is That?–Inuit Throat Singing Video

Perhaps you have heard of throat-singing, and perhaps you haven’t. Those who have heard of throat-singing usually believe the practice is done among monasteries and temples in Buddhist-Asian regions as a form of religious praise. Typical throat-singers are imagined to be older men with deep, throttling voices. However, throat-singing is practiced among many different cultures […]

The Ties That Bind New Age and Native American Music Together

While Native American music has been around for several previous generations, New Age music on the other hand, in accordance with its name, has not. Many followers of new age music–such as me–enjoy the vocals and the melodies of Native American traditional music. So what gives? Both genres have many similarities. Notable characteristics include lyrics/subject […]