LIFE STEM Seminar 2-220

Sophomore year, fall 2020:

LIFE STEM seminar was different this year, a different teacher, different circumstances, and most important open windows. I loved this class as it reinforced my previous knowledge and pushed me to apply it to things that interested me personally all while improving my professional skills. Having speakers has been a true blessing and getting to talk to various people within different fields has broadened my reach of understanding how my interests apply within the workforce while getting a better grasp on how my professional career will be affected by connections and once in a lifetime opportunities.

I have a very eclectic personality and curiosity runs ramped inside my head and sometimes I get lost within all of my thoughts and cannot find my true intention. This class has helped me think through topics or problems that arise and learn to deal with them in a way that applies to me personally to solve or gain knowledge from the situation. I loved to opportunity to branch out in the class and find a flow for myself within my work as most of our LIFE STEM work has been group work. The professor literally and figuratively opened windows in my life that have lead to a much more efficient way of thinking rather than being overwhelmed by my extreme excitement and curiosity.