Introduction to Genetics and Cell Biology 250

Freshman year, spring 2020:

As this is my second official biology class, I was pleased to be acquainted with the learning style required to successfully tackle the material at hand. This class was one of the larger classes I have been in during my college career. Sometimes the number of people became overwhelming, but that provided the opportunity to learn from others more often.

I follow the motto of never be afraid to ask questions because it is likely ten people in the room are thinking the same thing, but are too shy or too unsure to inquire. This class enforced this motto because of the intricate systems that make up our processes within our bodies are easily confused. While this information is extremely intriguing to me there is no doubt that the information can be complex, even for biology majors. The information presented in this class played off of many main topics in previous biology classes from my high school career. There was much more detail present that explained certain aspects that support everyday life cycle and growth.

I enjoyed the workload in this class because of the repetition it allowed me to search for the answers that I would otherwise glossed over and not fully understood. The act of having to search and uncover the answer for yourself makes the information permeable to long term memory. Also, the poster aspect of this class was a great learning experience as it allowed me to learn how to compile the information I had gained to form a comprehensible resource to help inform others.

Click here for my artifact from this class, a final group poster.