Introduction into Ecology and Evolution 251

Sophomore year, fall 2020:

This class was so interesting and so very different from all the classes I had taken thus far in my college career. I was so excited to learn about something other than the human body and really understand these natural processes in a much deeper level. I was able to apply information about general topics within the realm of ecology and evolution and apply it to systems at large. I have an extreme fascination with animals and their indivualized niches and how that truly makes the world spin.

With this class, I took away a new appreciation for what lies under the surface and how each organism is interlocked within a society of living animals who grow just like humans. This class provided so much relevance within my life at the time because of the other classes I was taking during the fall semester. My ecological imagination class tied almost hand in hand with this biology class and that peeked my interest even more so because I was able to view an idea from so may perspectives at once and get a grasp on what it truly means to think about the life around us instead of our own.

The class included a section about trees while my English class was also reading a book called The Overstory by Richard Powers, while it was just a novel it provided so much insight into the communication of trees and how they play such a huge role in any community.

My artifact for the class can be found here, this is the honors section presentation for the Student Fall Showcase.