Citizen 110 52

Freshman year, fall 2019:

My honors citizens class was, May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor: Citizenship through The Hunger Games, I chose this class because I have been a Hunger Games fan since the books first came out. I was curious on the strategy that our professor would use when trying to compare and contrast the dystopian society to our own.

This class has truly broadened my intellectual horizons that involve the ever changing society of moral standards. When reflecting on the education experience of “May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor” I am now able to fully comprehend the complexity of citizenship. There is no black and white situation within our society, every person has a specific and personal point of view. In the future I will be able to recognize why the people react when prompted with morally challenging situations. This allows me to I am reflecting and this is something that I took out of this class.

While the work was tedious and time consuming I was grateful for this opportunity to look at citizenship through a different lens. I knew being consistent with my effort throughout the semester would lead to my overall success in the class. While sometimes I struggled on being able to narrow and focus my topics of study on specific examples within our society, my professor always lead me in good directions. I learned to critically think on my own in this class and that helped me evaluate social situations under the same critical lens.

This artifact is an example of my notes that I had checked by the professor during the class period.