Theatre 101 06

Freshman year, fall 2019:

When signing up for this class I had no idea what was coming my way, but I soon came to find that I would be well rounded on the basic information of the history, vocabulary, and concepts that make up theatre. At first I was bored with the large influx of information but as we started to analyze the meaning behind the effects and how much thought goes into a single production it truly captured my interest.

We did fun skits of getting up in front of the class and practicing different techniques that actors use to make things more believable. To be able to have a “suspension of belief” when considering theatre is the main goal. I learned to achieve a perfect production in life is to apply the suspension of belief and believe in yourself.

This class will help me realize in the future to truly appreciate others hard work because it is never easy to tell how much one put into one project. Everyones contribution means something and can lead to beautiful things.

Click here for my artifact, it is my final project theatre poster.